Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanov: Everything is different or Pre-prepared, better armed

After many years, when many people were convinced of many things that they were so and could not be different, a wave of knowledge came that something, if not everything, is different. I will randomly mention three seemingly disparate points that have emerged from the foam of days in recent times.

First, the pope left his religious sphere, in which he was uncritical, and entered political trials, which showed that he was inclined to listen to the view that Putin had not invaded Ukraine simply, but because NATO was barking at his door. And that is not the case clearlywhere there is good in that war and where evil is. He received much criticism for it as a politician he had become at the time. He especially spoiled it in Ukraine, which is not surprising.

Secondly, he adopted the myth that in Munich, France and Italy, the monastic syndrome had been overcome once and for all. The behavior of these countries’ leading politicians towards Ukraine and Russia shows that the urge to sacrifice someone weaker in exchange for the undisturbed well-being of their constituents is still there. This is a huge blow to the idea of ​​a united Europe. Being in power in the US at the moment, Donald Trump, not Joseph Biden, determined to help Ukraine and push Russia, could look even worse.

Thirdly, in the Czech Republic, many people who cast their votes in the recent elections to the parties in power today, in the belief that they will be united, are disappointed that the representatives of these parties are publicly attacking each other with one’s joy. So joy for Andrej Babiš and Tomia Okamura.

When you read this reportage, you will find that even with the state of Czech society, it is different than anyone used to imagine. The supporters of the current opposition will certainly not bring peace and tranquility. Moreover, when it is said from them that “if Putin occupies us, we will be under Russia again, we will have everything for free, gas, oil and electricity.”

Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanova
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