Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanov: Mr. Povondra’s role be a warning

The Ukrainians themselves already have the answer as to who is destroying their country. They call them “inhuman.” But in peaceful Central Europe, many are still sleepy.

Or he doesn’t think about it at all, because he thinks that the clash of two civilizations a few hundred kilometers from him does not concern him.

At the same time, it was in Central Europe, in the Czech Republic, that a brilliant man lived and created who described and predicted everything that is happening now and at the end of his life. Only grateful fellow citizens mostly did not want to hear him and preferred to kill him.

I would also like to borrow a few paragraphs from Mr. Karel Čapek. How people were blind, lazy and comfortable and let the salamanders be enslaved. And what a tragic role the ordinary Mr. Povondra played in this. I assume that there is no reasonable person in the Czech Republic who does not know the Newt War.

Mr. Povondra, who still hoped that the salamanders would not come to Bohemia, eventually one of them he saw in the Vltava.

“It wasn’t a catfish, Francis,” the old man said in an awkward voice. “We will go home. It is over.”
“What end?”
“Salamander. So they are here as well. We’re going home, ”he repeated with uncertain hands, replacing his fishing rod. “That’s the end of it.”

The conclusion of the War with Newts has a name THE AUTHOR SPEECHSELF: I preached, don’t give the Newts weapons and explosives, stop that disgusting Salamander deal and so, – you know how it turned out. They all had a thousand perfectly correct economic and political objections to why this was not possible.

People? Ah true people. Well, they will slowly begin to return from the mountains to the shores of what remains of the mainland; but the ocean will stink for a long time. The mainland, in turn, is slowly growing with the flow of rivers; the sea will recede step by step and everything will be almost as before. There will be a new legend about the flood of the world, which God sent for the sins of men. There will also be rumors of sunken mythical lands that were said to be the cradle of human culture; it will be necessary to fight for a kind of England or France or Germany –
“And then?”
– – – I don’t know anymore.

Let Mr Povondra’s role be a warning for today.

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