Thrustmaster makes Boeing 787 Dreamliner yoke for Flight Simulator – Gaming – News

Stick Shaker has nothing to do with force feedback, but is purely a tactile form of warning (aside from the noise it makes). It is simply an eccentric electric motor that shakes the control column – based on a signal that parking is about to happen.

Stick Pusher (also no force feedback, but a system that actually intervenes) only have aircraft with a T-tail such as Fokker 100, Embraer 145 etc., because such type of aircraft can end up in a so-called deep stall where the stabilizer is in the ‘fall shadow’. ‘ could come off the wing if a stall were to take place – and you can’t get out of it.

The 787 does have some sort of motion feedback on the control column and steering wheel, but this is done by backdrive actuators, which in autoflight are actually only controlled to show the pilots what the autopilot is doing. Essential difference with Airbus, which deliberately omits the entire control column and steering wheel, because the display already shows what the autopilot is doing.

And if you fly a 787 ‘by hand’ you still have no force feedback, but only with a spring package that the more you make the movement more difficult. So a quiet turn, eg 5 gr bank angle, is smoother than a violent ‘throw it on its side’, eg 35 gr bank angle. The latter requires more power. Both have no relation to actual aerodynamic forces on the aircraft’s control surfaces.

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