Thunderbolt in Top Chef: a very promising candidate eliminated in the second week, Philippe Etchebest “very disappointed”

Difficult verdict in Top Chef this Monday evening: Philippe Etchebest had to decide between Danny, candidate of his brigade, and Albane, solitary candidate, who was waiting to join a brigade.

She took part in the transparent dish test with her companions and that’s where it all came down to.

The jury, composed of Hélène Darroze and Sébastien Tantôt qualified three candidates. And Philippe Etchebest had to taste the dishes of the two remaining candidates to decide between them.

He chose to qualify plate A: that of Albane. Which means that Danny was eliminated: he therefore had to give his blue cuffs to the young chef, who therefore joined the brigade of Philippe Etchebest, who felt that there was “more commitment” on his plate.

Danny’s elimination came as a huge surprise, as his squad leader had pinned a lot of hope on him. “I bet a lot on you, Danny. Really. Because the technique, you have it. The ideas, you have them. I’m sorry. Really. It’s a shame. I’m disappointed for you because I thought we would go a little way together”Chief Etchebest told him.

“I feel a great sadness to leave the competition so quickly”explained the eliminated candidate.

Off cameras after his elimination, Danny told Télé Loisirs what the chef’s words were to him: “He told me that he would have wanted to accompany me more, that it was a great shame and that I had a bright future ahead of me. Great words that really supported me, especially since it was hard on the moment”explained the unsuccessful candidate.

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