Thunderstorms, torrential rains: why Brussels escaped monster floods

This Thursday, the Brussels firefighters intervened more than a hundred times for flooded caves and tunnels, uprooted trees, etc. all over the capital region. The incessant rains caused damage but did not cause any injuries unlike to the tragedies that took place in certain Walloon municipalities.

The last five stormy episodes which affected the 19 municipalities of Brussels did not cause any extreme damage. Certainly, districts – of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe in particular – were under water for a few hours on June 4, ditto on the Flagey side during thunderstorms of July 13 when a small river formed on rue Gray or that a fine torrent of mud had been reported on avenue De Fré in Uccle. Yesterday, some arteries located in the lower part of Anderlecht were also under water, but without comparison with the raging torrents observed in Wallonia.

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