Thunderstorms, yellow alert from the Civil Protection: “Strong hailstorms not excluded”

If the torrid heat does not leave its grip on the entire peninsula, thunderstorms are expected in the north today, even locally intense with hail risk: “Attention to area 2 for supercells and hail (Vicentino, Trevigiano and Padovano first) – the experts write ZenaStormChaser -. The hail may be, locally, of large dimensions. A bit like yesterday’s supercell in Piedmont“.

As regards our region, “unstable conditions are expected in the afternoon – writes the Lombard Civil Protection – mainly in the Alpine and pre-Alpine areas. , may affect the Alps and the Pre-Alps. Isolated and occasional showers in the central-western plains are not excluded, with very low to low probability of high intensity events and isolated as possible. in the early evening “.

In Bresciano, the yellow alert – again issued by the Civil Protection – exclusively concerns Valcamonica. Below, the map of the entire region:
Thunderstorms, yellow alert of the Civil Protection-2

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