Thurgau: “At first I thought it was a flying buffer”


“I first thought it was a flying stamp”

A curious hot air balloon moved this weekend, in the air of eastern Switzerland. Its bizarre shape has raised many questions.

PostedMay 22, 2023, 1:18 p.m

The inhabitants of eastern Switzerland saw this strange hot air balloon floating in the air this weekend.

20Min/reporter reader

Hard to say what it was supposed to represent.


Turns out it was a flying screwdriver.


People who walked around the canton of St. Gallen or Thurgau this weekend and who rolled their noses to the sky had a funny sight. Indeed, they saw a hot air balloon pass through the air with a very curious shape and which sparked a lot of discussions on social networks.

Thus, a surfer commented, amused: “To tell the truth, I first thought it was a flying tampon”. Another user had the same idea: “Watching it from the train, I also thought it was a stamp flying over Bischofszell (TG)”. Another exclaimed, laughing: “But what is it for a form!”. A bewildered networker also wrote, “I’ve never seen this before.”

A reader, also intrigued, took a photo, enlarged it to get to the bottom of it and got the end of the story. It was actually a hot air balloon advertising a local tool maker. And the balloon was supposed to represent a…screwdriver! Suddenly, a user concluded: “I believe that this company must reconsider the choice of the shape of the hot air balloon.”

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