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Mexico City.- At the start of operations, the price of US dollar It is listed on Thursday at an average of 19.35 pesos for sale and 19.01 pesos for purchase in exchange houses located at the "Benito Juárez" international airport in Mexico City.

The green currency is traded on those exchange centers in a maximum of 19.70 pesos and is acquired in a minimum of 19.01 pesos.

In some banks in the country, the dollar is quoted as follows:

Banamex records a price of 19.04 at the purchase and 19.84 at the sale; on the other hand Aztec Bank records a price of 19.39 for sale and 18.40 for the purchase. in Banorte The American currency is sold at 19.85 and purchased at 18.45.

While the EUR sells for a maximum of 23.40 pesos and is purchased for a minimum of 22.30 pesos.

the GBP is purchased at 23.00 pesos and is sold at 26.20; while the yen is purchased at 0.16 and is offered at 0.23 pesos.

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