Tiare Scanda seeks to revive the film industry with Club de los Idealistas

Cancun.- This September 24, the film “The Idealists Club ”, an invitation to meditate on life plans and to reactivate the film industry little by little, now that movie theaters have been reopened.

In an exclusive interview for Novedades Quintana Roo, the actress Tiaré Scanda, protagonist of the filmHe said happy to be part of a story that seeks to leave a message and make the public forget for a while the dark moments that we are living.

“It is a beautiful film, the director Marcelo Tovar is very good and the cast is incredible, good script, actors who love each other and get along well, a project is achieved that the public will like. There are actors very identified by the public and that we symbolize something in the people of our generation, it is part of the film, a journey of nostalgia in the midst of much laughter and camaraderie of this group that call themselves the idealists because since they went to in the university dreamed together and now that the years have passed they meet again to see if they are still on the same channel or how much life has modified them to realize their ideals ”, explained Tiaré Scanda, who shared that the filming took place a year and a half ago in Avándaro, state of Mexico.

Now that the movie theaters have opened, Tiaré Scanda invites the public to the premiere of El Club de los idealistas on September 24, since it considers it is positive for the mood and for the economic reactivation of the film industry.

“What we need most right now is a bit of peace, joy, hope, because we have been in very dark times and I believe that as the pandemic has not yet seen an end we must little by little, with all the necessary responsibility such as the face masks and gel at all times, go back to the activities that give us happiness, including the cinema, “said Tiaré, who invites the public to support good cinema.

“We must support good cinema, whatever the country, in this case it is a good film but not only that, when the economy begins to reactivate in the film industry the whole country benefits because many families eat from there. In addition, in this way we take care of our mental health and our state of mind, there is no human being who can endure six months only of worries, stress and anguish, there is no way ”.

He made the most of confinement

Like many, Tiaré took advantage of the time she was at home during the pandemic and accomplished things that she had wanted and had not been able to do before.

“As of March, when the Perfect Strangers season was interrupted, which is what I was working on, I kept myself, I have been a lot with my daughter who is very nice for me, she composes, plays the piano and it has been a father to see her be creative and do their projects and find the meaning of the confinement, on the other hand, I wanted to learn to draw and I got into some online drawing courses, I have read a lot, As the confinement is forced, I am not guilty of being all day in pajamas reading a novel, I cooked, planted plants, lived the simple and happy life, a bit the motto of our movie and I also dedicated myself to writing projects for the future”Shared Tiaré, who prepares for October the premiere of the play Rotten Makina, directed by Marcelo Tovar in which he performs alongside Federico de Lorenzo and will be broadcast virtually from the Shakespeare Forum platform.

“You can check the details of this work on my social networks @ tiaré_scanda on Twitter and Instagram and now that you can go to the movies and eat out at restaurants that offer me security, also to reactivate that part of the economy” Tiaré said and took the opportunity to send congratulations and thanks to the medical staff.

“I want to congratulate and thank all the doctors who have been at the foot of the canyon taking care of our health, all the health personnel, municipal administration, technicians, laboratories have been working for us and it is important that they know that they are recognized.”


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