Ticháček and Altrichter want to forget about the debacle with Russia as soon as possible

At the U18 World Championships, Czech hockey players want to forget about Saturday’s 1:11 debacle with Russia as soon as possible, learn from mistakes and be ready to fight against Canada in Monday’s quarterfinals. Defender Jiří Ticháček and forward Jakub Altrichter agreed that the team in the final performance in the basic group B completely withdrew from the game, which has so far brought him four points in the tournament and in duel with Finland and the USA until the end held the hope of winning.


“We want to forget about the match. We just avoid the mistakes we made and improve in everything. We will be ready for the quarterfinals. We want to win against Canada and show our game, which we presented here except today,” Ticháček said after Saturday’s duel.

Only the Swedes with Canada suffered a higher loss in the tournament 1:12 and for the Czech team it was historically the highest defeat in this category at the World Cup. “It was definitely not pleasant. We went into the match with a goal that we did not fulfill. There were sharp words, which was much needed. We tried to kick somehow, but it did not work,” Ticháček described.

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After two thirds, the Russians were not satisfied with the 6: 1 lead and added five more goals in the final act. “The Russians were definitely more prepared and hungry for goals. We didn’t play our game. If we followed it, it would look completely different,” added the defender of Kladno.

The hockey eighteen finished fourth in the group after the 1:11 debacle with Russia

“We didn’t play what we said in the locker room from the beginning. They were on horseback, we couldn’t get out of it. But we had some good passages where we had to score at least a goal, but it just didn’t work out,” he said. match Altrichter.

He believes that the Czech team will show a completely different performance against Canada. “We can turn it into playing better. I believe it will have no consequences, we will go to the next match with a clear head. After this match we will draw a thick line and go to the way we played the previous matches. We have to go to Canada. prepare and we want to win, “Altrichter added.

Maybe we should have been more passive, said coach eighteen Petr after the debacle with Russia


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