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Ticino wants to extend lockdown – again high number of deaths in the USA

Trump: Immigration freeze for 60 days

“This pause in new immigration will also help keep vital medical resources available to American citizens,” said US President Donald Trump at his daily White House press conference.


Ticino wants to extend the drastic corona measures until May 3rd. In the United States, well over 2,000 people died again within 24 hours. The current overview in the ticker.

The essentials in brief:

  • Ticino has addressed the Federal Council because it wants to extend the lockdown provisions until May 3.
  • In the United States, 2,751 people died of the coronavirus in one day.
  • Spain’s tourism industry is extremely suffering from the consequences of the pandemic.

10.15 a.m .: Ticino reports 24 new infections

In the canton of Ticino, four people have died of lung disease Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. 24 people have now tested positive for the virus. In total, 3089 people in the canton of Ticino tested positive for the virus by morning. 295 people lost their lives due to the corona virus. So far, 661 people have been released from the Ticino hospitals.

9.45 a.m .: Roche boss criticizes tests of the competition

Roche boss Severin Schwan believes that no vaccine against the coronavirus will be available as quickly as it is widely spread. “Personally, I find the planned time frame of 12 to 18 months to be ambitious given the challenges,” said the Roche boss at a conference call on Wednesday.

Roche itself is not active in the vaccine business and is not planning to get started. However, the people of Basel rely heavily on the development of a reliable antibody test. These tests can be used to determine whether someone has previously had an infection and has made antibodies against the virus.

“The emphasis is on reliability,” said Schwan. Because the antibody tests already available on the market – often from Chinese suppliers – are usually simply bad. “Quality takes time,” said Schwan.

9.14 a.m .: BDO Switzerland auditor is overwhelmed with inquiries from SMEs

The auditing and consulting firm BDO Switzerland has been overwhelmed with inquiries since the beginning of the corona crisis, especially from SMEs.

Since March there have been many requests to get advice on short-time work or labor law, said Werner Schiesser, managing director of the Swiss subsidiary of the Belgian audit firm, to the AWP news agency. “Most inquiries came from SMEs that do not necessarily have access to information and do not have internal lawyers,” the BDO chief continues.

After the Federal Council announced measures to support the economy on March 17, the inquiries started. Information and advice on technical details are often sought.

8.42 a.m .: Beijing again tightened quarantine measures

The Chinese capital Beijing has again tightened its measures against the introduction of the corona virus. According to the authorities, people who come to the city have to go into “domestic surveillance” for an additional week after a two-week quarantine. This means that returnees are not allowed to take part in public life for a total of three weeks.

8.40 a.m .: Indigenous people in the Amazon are increasingly affected

In the Brazilian Amazon, more and more indigenous people are infected with the corona virus. Recently, the number of known cases increased from 9 to 23 within 24 hours, according to data from the Sesai Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health. According to the Funai authorities, four indigenous people from indigenous areas have died in connection with the corona virus.

The first corona death recorded from an indigenous area was a youth from the Yanomami people. “The boy’s death showed that neither the diagnosis nor the treatment worked,” said Luis Ventura of the Cimi Indigenous Mission Council in the city of Boa Vista to the German press agency.

The 15-year-old had previously suffered from health problems, as the “Amazônia Real” website, referring to a doctor for infectious diseases of Sesai, reported that he had suffered from malnutrition, anemia and malaria. The youngster had been hospitalized and discharged several times since mid-March without being diagnosed with corona infection, and in the meantime he had even returned to his village.

The Brazilian government of President Jair Bolsonaro has reduced protection for indigenous people. Many villages are threatened by evangelical missionaries, prospectors, lumberjacks and other intruders. Ventura said: “The expectation is that the state will intervene to protect the territory and take out intruders.”

7.45 a.m .: Ticino plans to extend the lockdown

Because of the delicate situation in the canton and the proximity to Lombardy, Ticino wants to extend the lockdown until May 3rd. As reported by the Corriere del Ticino, the State Council sent a letter to the Federal Council.

For the rest of Switzerland, the corona measures are to be relaxed from April 27. The Federal Council would decide on the request from Ticino this afternoon.

A police car patrols the Ascona lakeside path. (Archive)

Picture: Keystone

7.43 a.m .: Corona case also with Japan’s Olympic makers

An employee of the Japanese organizing committee for the Olympic Games next year has tested positive for the new corona virus. The organization announced on Wednesday. The man in his 30s is employed at the Tokyo headquarters and is now in quarantine at home. It was found out who had close contact with the patient. Those affected would stay at home immediately. The floor on which the man had worked was cordoned off and disinfected.

7:39 am: Missouri is suing China

Missouri has sued China for the coronavirus pandemic. The lawsuit brought before a US court accuses the government and the Communist Party in Beijing of being responsible for the deaths and economic losses from the virus in the US state, among others.

According to media reports, the lawsuit has little chance of success because China is protected as a sovereign state.

7.36 a.m .: Roche contributes to the fight against the virus

The pharmaceutical and diagnostics group Roche makes important contributions to the global fight against the corona pandemic, particularly in its smaller diagnostics division. In close cooperation with the authorities, a corona test was provided in record time.

The production capacity for this Cobas Sars CoV-2 test has recently been massively expanded, Roche wrote on Wednesday in the announcement at the end of the first quarter.

The company is also working on an anti-Sars CoV-2 serology test to detect antibodies in people who have had contact with the coronavirus. The test is in the late development phase. Roche expects it to be available in early May. The monthly production capacity will then be ramped up from June, so that tests in the high double-digit million range are possible. The capacity should then be increased as soon as possible.

In the pharmaceuticals sector, a phase III clinical study is also ongoing in various countries on the safety and efficacy of Actemra / RoActemra in severe Covid 19 pneumonia. Roche expects the results in early summer.

7.34 a.m .: Pandemic causes customer rush at Netflix

The corona pandemic and series hits like “Tiger King” helped the online video service Netflix to its strongest quarter. In the three months to the end of March, the number of paid subscriptions skyrocketed by 15.8 million worldwide.

The streaming market leader announced this on Tuesday after the US market closed. Netflix posted the quarter with its largest customer traffic and far exceeded both its own forecast and the expectations of Wall Street analysts.

7.17 a.m .: Schindler sets up Corona aid funds for employees

The management of the elevator and escalator manufacturer Schindler waives part of his salary to support employees who are particularly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

The members of the Group Executive Board and the members of the Supervisory and Strategy Committee want to pay ten percent of their fixed remuneration into an aid fund. Payments are due to start in May and are planned for six months, as Schindler writes on Wednesday. The company topped up all grants in the same amount, as it goes on to say.

The funds are intended to provide financial support to the workforce that is particularly affected by the pandemic.

5.56 a.m .: Again more than 2,000 corona deaths in 24 hours in the USA

In the United States, well over 2,000 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported within 24 hours. The University of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore recorded 2,751 deaths between Monday and Tuesday evening (local time).

Previously, the numbers had been below the 2,000 mark for several days. The data from the US researchers generally show higher levels than those of the World Health Organization because they are updated more regularly. In some cases, the number of infections and deaths has recently been revised downwards.

A patient is transported to the ambulance in Chelsea, Massachusetts: in the United States, the number of deaths infected with the corona virus has risen sharply again within 24 hours. (Archive)

Picture: Keystone

According to the university, a total of around 45,000 people have already died in the USA as a result of the pandemic. More than 800,000 infections with the novel coronavirus, which can trigger the lung disease Covid-19, have been detected there.

5.26 a.m .: Corona falls under the crew of a cruise ship in a Japanese shipyard

Several crew members of a cruise ship in the repair dock in Japan have been infected with the novel corona virus. As the local authorities in southwestern Nagasaki announced on Wednesday, 34 of the 623 crew members of the Italian-flagged “The Costa Atlantica” tested positive for the pathogen. None of them show serious symptoms. Passengers were not on board the ship that had arrived in Japan for repair in late January.

Experts had sharply criticized Japan’s handling of a cruise ship temporarily quarantined in Yokohama with thousands of people on board in February. The decision of the controversial quarantine arrangement on board the “Diamond Princess”, according to researchers, had led to an avoidable number of infections with the new corona virus.

4.55 a.m .: Big job clearcut in Mallorca because of the corona virus

The corona virus caused major job losses in the tourism sector in Mallorca in March. The Spanish tourist office Turespaña said on Tuesday that the number of employees in the industry who pay contributions to state social insurance has dropped by 17.4 percent on the Spanish island and the rest of the Balearic Islands compared to March 2019. That means the loss of more than 14,500 jobs. After this survey, the southern Spanish region of Andalusia follows behind the Balearic Islands with a minus of 16.8 percent.

Across Spain, according to Turespaña, the number of people employed in the tourism sector registered for social security decreased by 9.9 percent or a good 240,000 to just under 2.2 million people. The tourism sector employs 11.9 percent of all Spanish workers, it said.

4.54 a.m .: Strike at Amazon in the USA due to working conditions

Employees of the online retail giant Amazon in the United States have gone on strike to protest their working conditions in the Corona crisis. A total of more than 350 warehouse workers wanted to take part in the work stoppages on Tuesday. This was announced by the Athena coalition for workers’ rights. However, Amazon called this number “greatly exaggerated”.

Athena accuses the company of not adequately protecting its personnel from being infected with the novel corona virus. Amazon announced two weeks ago that it would distribute millions of respirators and take temperature measurements on employees. The company plans to invest a total of $ 350 million (CHF 340 million) to protect employees and business partners.

4.40 a.m .: Suspension of immigration in the USA initially for 60 days

The limitation of immigration to the USA due to the corona crisis should initially apply for 60 days, according to US President Donald Trump. The step essentially affects those who strive for permanent residence with a green card. He does not apply to temporary residence permits, Trump said on Tuesday evening (local time) in the White House. Jobs and medical resources would now be needed for Americans, the president said. The relevant decree is still being worked on. He would probably sign it on Wednesday.

3.26 a.m .: Quest Diagnostics begins with antibody tests

The U.S. laboratory, Quest Diagnostics, begins testing for the detection of Covid-19 antibodies. Test kits from Abbott Laboratories and Perkin Elmer Euroimmun would be used, the company said.

Both methods use blood serum samples to detect class G (IgG) immunoglobulin antibodies. IgG antibodies usually develop around 14 days after symptoms appear.

Antibody testing could therefore represent a fundamental improvement in the fight against infection. People who may be immune to the virus could return to work.

0.53 am: The United States distances itself from the UN resolution because of the role of the WHO

The United States first adopted a resolution to combat the coronavirus at the United Nations – and then distanced itself from formulating the role of the World Health Organization (WHO). The General Assembly’s decision on international cooperation on medicines, vaccinations and medical equipment in the pandemic contained the wording that WHO was playing a “crucial leadership role” in the crisis.

In a message from the United Nations’ mission on Tuesday, it was said to distance yourself from the relevant paragraph. “We remain seriously concerned about the lack of independence that WHO has shown since the pandemic began,” said the Americans. US President Donald Trump announced last week that it would suspend payments to WHO for alleged mismanagement and reliance on information from China.

0.24am: US Senate approves $ 480 billion stimulus package

The U.S. Senate has approved another $ 480 billion stimulus package because of the corona crisis. Shortly before, Republicans and Democrats had agreed on the package after days of negotiations.

It will now be adopted by the House of Representatives this week. US President Donald Trump praised the agreement on Tuesday evening (local time). Congress had already approved an economic stimulus package of around $ 2.2 trillion in March.

The new package is designed to add $ 320 billion to a successful small and medium business loan program. The loans, which can be canceled later, are intended to limit the rise in unemployment in the United States.

0.05 a.m .: Swiss contact tracing app to start in mid-May

Contact tracing apps are designed to help contain the corona pandemic. A Swiss solution is about to be launched.

The contact tracing app DP-3T is scheduled for completion by May 11th. This was announced by the ETH Lausanne (EPFL) and the ETH Zurich. DP-3T stands for Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing. It is a project of an international collective, in which researchers from the two ETH are also involved. Trial versions of the app were released last week, and the army participated in initial trials.

The app is designed to help contain the coronavirus pandemic by tracing infection chains. It uses Bluetooth to determine the proximity to other cell phones on which the app is installed. This contact is saved.

The essentials in brief:

  • In the United States, 2,751 people died of Covid-19 between Monday and Tuesday evening.
  • Several crew members of a cruise ship in the repair dock in Japan have been infected with the novel corona virus.
  • The immigration stop announced by US President Trump is said to be valid for 60 days for the time being.
  • The US Senate has approved a package worth billions to relieve small and medium-sized companies.

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