Tide of mobilizations throughout Spain against the transfers of the Government to the independentists

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The future amnesty law what a last Pedro Sanchez to return to the Government has encouraged a tide of mobilizations throughout Spain that began at the end of this week in front of the Ferraz headquarters, will continue throughout this Sunday and will extend over the next few days in parts of the country.

Not only the People’s Party y Vox have been at the forefront of the protests, but different civic organizations have been in charge of calling for more demonstrations for this month of November in cities such as Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona to protest the concessions to the independence movement.

Civil society took to the streets this Sunday in Barcelona, León, Vigo, Córdoba o Villarreal. Next week it will be cities like Seville, Murcia Alicante o Santander those who take to the streets to protest against the future regulations. The concentration last Friday at the national headquarters of the PSOE, where the Police arrested a man for trying to jump the cordon and refusing to identify themselves, will be repeated this Monday at 8:00 p.m.

There will also be protests in the different headquarters of the socialists in various parts of Spain. The massive protest has been scheduled through social networks.

Police unions and Civil Guard groups have also rebelled against the plans for Pedro Sanchez. Next Friday, the Unified Police Union (SUP) and the Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) They will gather in front of the Barcelona courts to show their rejection of the agreement reached by the PSOE and ERC for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. It is a symbolic day, since there are declarations of 1-0 in the court. The rally seeks to show support for the prosecuted agents.

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