Health "Tiger mosquitoes" are a "major health risk" for France...

“Tiger mosquitoes” are a “major health risk” for France according to a report

The Aedes mosquitoes (tiger mosquitoes), vectors of diseases such as zika, chikungunya or dengue, go represent a major health risk throughout the territory then the next decades, estimates Tuesday a commission of inquiry to theAssembly, which calls for vigorous action.

It is an invasive species, which did not exist in France before 2004. In 2019, 58 departments out of the 96 metropolitan departments were colonized., according to the rapporteur and LREM deputy of Mayotte Ramlati Ali.

If for fifty years the metropolitan territory has lived free from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, this is no longer the case today. We will have to learn to live with them, limiting their impact on the health of the French as much as possible., she adds in her report.

Overseas strongly impacted

In overseas, this public health problem is recurrent, with some increasingly virulent epidemics, notes the commission of inquiry.

Chaired by the former PS Minister of Overseas Ericka Bareigts, who has just left the Assembly for the town hall of Saint-Denis de La Réunion, the committee is submitting 46 proposals for refound a prevention policy, overhaul the institutional framework the fight against the proliferation of these mosquitoes or perpetuate the means of research.

When it comes to insecticides, deltamethrin is today the only substance available to the public authorities to fight, in the short term, against Aedes mosquitoes in a given place, according to the report.

But if this product remains essential, the commission of inquiry pleads to avoid massive spraying, for environmental reasons or for fear increase the risk of developing resistance to the product in mosquitoes. It calls for the diversification of molecules and favoring actions in the field.

Better inform the public

Better information for the public and the establishment of in the territories affected by a regional prevention plan against the development of breeding sites.

The committee also asks to provide mayors with a guide to actions to fight against Aedes mosquitoes.

On the legal and institutional level, a bill on health security, adopted at first reading by the Senate in February, provides first answer according to the commission.

If the text reaches the Assembly, it could be the vector of a more ambitious rationalization of the responsibilities of public actors, in particular to create regional health agencies (ARS) the conductor of the anti-vector struggle, according to the commission.




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