TikTok ban from UK parliament and Scottish government

It has been reported that the application will be banned on all electronic devices in the UK parliament and the Scottish government due to concerns about the world-famous social media platform TikTok’s proximity to the Chinese government and its holding of user data worldwide. A spokesperson from the UK parliament stated that the application used by British lawmakers will also be banned on devices given to staff, adding that the ban decision came after the government banned ministers from using the application on business phones after a security review.

Within the scope of the ban, it was stated that deputies and guests visiting the parliament would not be able to access TikTok over the parliament’s wireless internet network.


The Scottish government also announced that the app will be banned from official devices. Scotland’s Deputy Prime Minister, John Swinney, said in a statement that the ban, which will begin immediately, will not cover personal devices used by staff.


A spokesperson from TikTok, who made a statement after the ban decision of the UK parliament, said, “Despite our requests, we were not given any opportunity to address the concerns.” “Potentially denying users access and interaction with their representatives is a self-defeating step, especially in our collective fight against misinformation. “To further protect our European user data, we have begun implementing a comprehensive plan that includes storing UK user data in our European data centers and tightening data access controls, including third-party independent surveillance of our approach.”


British Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden announced in a statement in the House of Commons on March 16 that the use of TikTok on public phones and other electronic devices is prohibited, “This is actually an important measure. We know that the use of the TikTok application across the government is limited. However, it is actually a “We will provide cyber cleaning. The ban applies to state-owned devices. Personal devices of public employees, ministers or other persons are of course not within the scope of the ban,” he said.

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