TikTok chicken maker teaches you how to split a whole chicken like a pro

With all the controversy what is behind the tricks and tricks that some thumbs in the markets to cut and measure your pollo to overcharge you, many people have chosen to buy the whole chicken and cut it at home and although this sounds like a difficult option, fortunately there are several tutorials on the internet that teach you how to cut your own chicken, like the one in the viral pollero from TikTok that teaches you how to cut a whole chicken from casa.

To carry out the cut of one whole chicken you must have certain Utensils necessary for this activity, for example a cutting boardcloth or kitchen rag to secure the table and of course some scissors to make the cuts in your chicken in the pure style of thumb market, however if you do not have scissors you can also do it with a knife big and sharp, just keep in mind that if you use scissors it will be much more comfortable and easier to make the cortes.

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