Til Schweiger fights back his 90s body

Cinema comeback for «Manta, Manta»

Til Schweiger trains his 90s body back

With “Manta, Manta” Til Schweiger made his breakthrough as an actor in the early 90s. Now the action comedy is getting a sequel. The actor wants to convince with his looks just as much as he did back then.

Special cinema comeback for Til Schweiger (58): In 1991 the actor could be seen in “Manta, Manta” as the auto tuner Bertie. The German cult flick helped the actor achieve his big breakthrough back then. Now Til Schweiger can show what he still has as Bertie: “Manta, Manta 2” is expected to be released in cinemas in 2023 – and Schweiger seems to want to score with his appearance just as much as he did 31 years ago.

“I lost a few pounds for the role of Bertie,” he reveals in an interview with “Bild”. For him, that is part of the acting profession. For «Manta, Manta 2», the actor definitely wants to get in shape. “No one wants to see anyone walking around as Bertie with a slobbery tummy.”

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