Tilsa Lozano | Daniella Cilloniz outraged because neither Gisela Valcárcel nor Michelle Alexander went to the wedding: “They were in Pachacamac, what was it hard for them to spend a little while” | B Morning | show business | SHOWS

Daniella Cilloniz, one of the few guests of the Chollywood show business at the wedding of Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Moraappeared this Monday on the Panamericana Televisión program ‘D’ Mañana’ to talk about the intimate celebration that united the former Avenger and the fighter in marriage.

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Kurt Villavicencio He commented that none of the hosts of América Hoy were invited to the ceremony or the party. “Ethel’s show castings weren’t invited, neither was Ethel, nor Brunella, nor Janet,” highlighted the popular ‘metrics’.

At that moment, Daniella Cilloniz was outraged because neither the “Señito” nor the jury of El Gran Show, Michelle Alexander, nor the producer of the program, attended the wedding. “But Gisela, Michelle Alexander, Armando Tafur… why didn’t they go to the wedding”she said visibly uncomfortable.

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metrics clarified that the blonde host of the América Televisión reality show arrived from New York last Friday night. “From the airport she went home, she bathed, they did her makeup, they changed her for her program and she will have finished exhausted,” narrowed.

Nevertheless, Daniella considered that was not an excuse. “But they were in Pachacamac, what was it difficult for them to spend a little while to say hello at least”, referred.

Kurt Villavicencio He stressed that “Señorito” does not like parties very much. “Gisela doesn’t like partying, she doesn’t like fuss very much”defended her.

Daniella Cilloniz criticized that neither Gisela, nor Michelle Alexander, nor Armando Tafur have attended Tilsa’s wedding.
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