‘Tim Phitha’ posted a photo in the frame ‘AFL Thaksorn’ with a cute caption, very good for the heart.

FC Jin is heavy! ‘Tim Pita’ Post a photo frame ‘Aff Taksaorn’ with Pipim and New Year With a cute caption, Chuan Jin, glad to see you today.

Lots of cheering, no fall for ‘Tim Phitha Limjaroenrat’ as the 30th prime minister with a legendary female heroine ‘AFL Taksaorn Paksukcharoen’ Previously, a lot of Jin netizens linked together. After the app shared the message “The armpit party (lost love)” on the side of Tim Phitha, it was said that “The party that will be ready (ready to love)”

latest ‘Te Piyarat Kaljaruek’ or ‘Tae Kantana’ has revealed a clip of Tim and Nong Pipim and AFL with New Year share the same frame via personal instagram @tae_kantana with the caption “Congratulations @tim_pita @pita.ig congratulations and good seeing everyone here”

This is not enough Pita Limjaroenrat The 30th Prime Minister of Thailand has uploaded a picture on his personal Instagram. @tim_pita Expose the picture in the frame with Aff Thaksorn Phak Sukcharoen with the little girls joining the frame, namely New Year and Pipim, with a short caption, but with a good meaning

“Good to see you today! @aff_taksaorn”, which can be easily translated into Thai and has a good meaning that “Nice to meet you today.”

Pictures from Instagram: team_pita

This event made FC Sai Jin come in to comment on each other to make them feel satisfied and say in the same voice that The natural scoreboard has arrived. Who is in line to go home urgently? Including cheering for Mother Aff to be the number 1 lady as well, but at the same time, some netizens said that the Jin culture should not be included in the industry.politics for example

“Return the cue card and disperse to go home now, girls who vote for nature”, “The Prime Minister who likes it I want a number 1 lady like Mae Aff. Jump over me, Mommy gives up ”,“ The Prime Minister is also excited, the number 1 lady has to be excited again 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 ”,“ Clear family portrait ”,“ What are you looking for? He’s a politician, not an artist. high He is a good friend to each other, ”and so on.

Pictures from Instagram: aff_taksaorn
Picture from Instagram: aff_taksaorn
Photo from Instagram: aff_taksaorn
Picture from Instagram: aff_taksaorn
Picture from Instagram: tim_pita
Picture from Instagram: tim_pita

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