Tim Tebow claims to be against a California law backed by LeBron


Tim Tebow, former Heisman trophy-winning quarterback and current ESPN television personality, voiced a passionate appeal Friday morning against a bill promoted by LeBron James that would allow college athletes to profit from their similarity.

The California Fair Pay to Play Act, which LeBron claimed prior to the passage of the California Assembly bill, would allow college athletes to make money with sponsorship offers without losing their eligibility. Tebow participated in ESPN's First Take to say that he believes such a decision would undermine what makes college football so popular.

Obviously, Tebow is in a very different position than most college athletes in that he continued to succeed well after his playing days were over. He is a successful TV personality and author, but not everyone has a Tebow following after leaving the field.

However, Tebow was undoubtedly a passionate competitor and it is clear that he believes in what he is saying. No matter how you feel, with the bill now on Governor Gavin Newsom's desk in California, we're almost able to see how letting college athletes approve the products changes the fabric of college's major sports.



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