Time Difference on Earth and Around the Black Hole According to the Interstellar Film

Some of you must have watched the film Interstellar, one of Christopher Nolan’s films which is full of knowledge. This film describes the exploration of outer space in order to find new life other than on Earth.

In each scene, there are many amazing things that even make the audience are invited to get to know science more closely. Do you remember one scene? Before Cooper, the main character in the film, left Earth, Cooper told his daughter Murphy that it was possible that by the time he returned to Earth, they would be the same age.

Maybe for some people it will be considered impossible to happen, but in theoretical physics it can happen because of gravity and relativity which causes the age of people in outer space to be younger than those on Earth.

Gravity and Relativity refer to one of Einstein’s famous theories, namely General Relativity or general relativity. The theory that changes the way we view space and time, that space and time will not be the same in every place.

Scientists describe it like a trampoline, where when we put a heavy and large ball in the middle, the small balls that pass through it will turn as if they are attracted to a large ball. This is called Gravity in Einstein’s version, and this is also what causes the planets to orbit the Sun and applies to the entire universe, including humans themselves.

The relationship between this theory and time is that time cannot be separated from space, that is what is called spacetime or space-time Space time. Trampoline rubber sheet depicts or represents both space and time. This means that time is like rubber that can stretch due to the presence of an object with a large mass such as the sun. We don’t feel it on Earth because Gravity is too small for us to feel the time difference.

Einstein also explained that time is relative based on observations. The only speed constant in observation is the speed of light. For this, Einstein took a brief illustration of twins, one on earth, and one traveling to outer space. The twins who went out into space were using a spaceship that was close to the speed of light. After a few hours in space, the boy returns and finds his brother older than him.

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The twins who went into space are named after cryo-sleep system ie where the metabolism slows down due to the movement so fast close to the speed of light. In metabolism, light is needed to carry out lytic cleavage. Because twins who go out into space are slow to do lysis, they are also slow in metabolism so that twins who come back from outer space still look young.

Twins who live on Earth will feel time is running normally. But twins who go out into space with an airplane moving at speeds close to the speed of light will feel time is running slower, this is called dilation. time.

Same thing when we are near the Black Hole. Where the Black Hole is a celestial body whose mass is millions greater than the Sun. The enormous gravity sucks in everything around it, including light. Like the trampoline, the Black Hole makes space and time warp so violently that time slows down significantly.

This is what happened in the interstellar film, which is 1 hour equivalent to 7 Earth years. This is due to the time dilation between on Earth and around the Black Hole which causes people around the Black Hole to feel that time is running slower, due to gravity being so great and moving close to the speed of light, making aging slower than when in the sky. Earth.

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