Time to lose weight: scientists have discovered when the body burns more calories

American nutritionists have discovered that the number of calories burned depends not only on one person's activities, but also on the hour of the day. So, at rest, the body spends 10% more calories in the evening compared to the morning. The researchers found that the fewer calories burned from 0: 4 to 0: 6 am, and the largest – from 17.00 to 20.00.

Scientists at Harvard Medical School (USA) have discovered that the body of people at rest burns 10% more calories in the evening than in the morning.

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To these conclusions, the researchers came as a result of an experiment with a group of seven volunteers. For a little over a month, the subjects lived in a windowless laboratory, where they received no physical effort and were in a state of rest. So that the participants in the experiment could not keep track of the time, the scientists took their watches and phones from them. The regime of the day – the ascent, hang up and eat – strictly regulated nutritionists. At the same time, every night, the time to go to bed was 4 hours late.

It turned out that only in the event that the biological evening and the real volunteers coincided, their body burned about 0.5 grams of fat per hour.

"For many people, the biological evening and the current one are the same, but if a person violates the day's regime, goes to bed later and later, the difference between biological time and actual evening increases. Biological evening comes late at night or early in the morning in a negative moment of the day to burn calories, "said the study authors.

American scientists found that when the biological and actual hours coincided, the smallest number of calories burned by subjects from 0: 4 to 0: 6 in the morning, and the largest – from 17.00 to 20.00.

According to Russian experts, the time of day really affects the amount of calories burned by the body, and a study conducted by Western scientists shows once again the need to follow a certain daily regime for those who want to lose weight.

"A lot of fat burns from 00:00 to 01:00 at night.At this time, a somatotropic hormone is produced, which is able to burn up to 150 grams of fatty tissue in just 50 minutes This hormone is completely excreted, provided that the person went to bed in time and before bedtime he ate food containing protein, but if a person ate something with a carbohydrate content (whether it is an apple or a cake) before going to bed, the production of the hormone is blocked, "said Alexey Kovalkov, a doctor in medical sciences at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Not long ago, American scientists have discovered that the use of cottage cheese – a protein-rich product – 30-60 minutes before bedtime helps reduce the amount of fat in the body during sleep.

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