Tinder plans to launch the "lite" version of the application


Like other giants like Facebook and Google, Tinder plans to offer a version "quarrel"from its application, as reported by TechCrunch.

The Match Group announced during the presentation of its financial results at the end of last week, its intention to soon launch a lighter version of the Tinder application, especially for emerging countries.

"[…] We are excited about the upcoming arrival of this Tinder Lite app. It's a big step forward to meet consumer needs [in Asia]. Tinder Lite will be a smaller application to download. It will require less space on the phone, making Tinder more efficient, even in areas and remote areas"said Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg.

This new feature is designed to meet the needs of users in areas where data usage, bandwidth and storage are a problem. Tinder is particularly present in India.

Some features are missing, but Mandy Ginsberg did not specify which ones. It seems likely that the app skips the specific versions of the event such as Spring Break or Festival.

The launch will take place soon, according to Ginsberg.


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