Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle

Yuka Samudera

Illustration of the gear shift lever on a sport bike – Buying tips used motorcycles this time discusses the cause of the motor manual clutch It’s hard to shift gears when driving.

The problem of the manual clutch motor being difficult to change gears is certainly inconvenient and can be dangerous when traveling.

If your motorcycle is experiencing this, the most likely cause is a problem with the motor transmission.

β€œThe reason could be simply that the clutch setting is too far. Ensure free play distance clutch lever not more than 20 mm,” explained Anggi Rizky, chief mechanic of Honda Wahana Artha, Ciputat, South Tangerang.

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Because if the clutch lever is too far away, the transmission gear will be difficult to move due to the clutch not being completely disengaged.

If the clutch lever setting is correct but the motor is still having difficulty shifting gears, further checking is necessary.

Clutch canvas illustration


“If the motorbike is old or has a high mileage, maybe the lining and clutch plate are thin. It needs to be checked to make sure.”

In addition, it could also be due to a weak clutch lining suppressor component or a weak clutch spring.

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