Tips for capturing beautiful photos During the festive season with iPhone

An event that cannot be missed at the end of the year for many people is inevitable walking and taking photos of various places. Nice atmosphere and decoration during the festival of happiness Today we have some tips to help you capture Christmas tree pictures. and light decorations easily And even more beautiful with fun features Give your pictures an interesting gimmick. You can compose and post to social media immediately. All of this can be done easily with just one iPhone.

1. Go out and take pictures during Golden Hour.

Golden Hour or the time before sunset or sunrise is the time when the sun hits The sky is gradual. Natural light instantly makes objects look prettier. You can easily check each day’s Golden Hour by simply picking up your iPhone and asking Siri what time it’s sunrise/sunset today. Or you can check through the Weather app as well. Don’t forget to enable HDR mode in the camera app to capture true-to-life colors and contrast levels. The system takes multiple images in no time and combines them to bring out highlights and shadow details. Make your picture perfect.

2. Create images with ultra-wide lenses

If you want to capture wide-angle shots but have limited space, for example, you want to photograph a tall Christmas tree. We can use ultra-wide or 0.5x lenses to capture images easily. without the need to step back from the original Important on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max also comes with features “Lens Correction” that intelligently corrects the edges of images taken with an ultra-wide camera to make images look natural. Importantly, this lens also supports night mode.

3. Use Photographic Styles to Help Control Tone

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The most popular colors for the festive season are rich contrast or warm tones that show off vivid colors. prominent light or warm tones That feels lively, fun, and a new feature on iPhone 13 that allows you to freely customize the color tones of your photos. The camera will take that value. to be used automatically as soon as you shoot but still maintains a good skin tone Initially, the device will be available in all 5 tones, including Standard, Vibrant, Rich Contrast, Warm and Cool that make all pictures come out in the same direction.

Note: Pictures taken in Photographic Styles mode are in-camera adjustments. Therefore, it cannot be switched back after the photo has been taken.

4. Create new video content with Cinematic mode.

If traveling with a group of people, you can use Cinematic mode to help tell your story by applying a shallow depth-of-field effect to the video. Switch focus between groups of friends. as well as the Christmas tree automatically or double-tap the subject to achieve focus tracking on the subject. You can also easily adjust the level of bokeh or background blur by simply tapping the f in the top-left corner in the camera app. All in all, you can control it. by yourself while shooting Or you can adjust later in the Photos app as well.

5. Take close-up shots in Macro mode

Try capturing the eyes of your friends soaking in the happy atmosphere. The latest feature on iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max lets you take macro photos or videos in focus as close as 2cm, giving you a whole new perspective. very well or use Macro mode with Christmas tree decorations As well as food or flowers can add color as well.

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The advantage of iPhone photography is that the device is compact. It’s a good grip but still offers excellent quality. More importantly, it can still keep the color exactly what the eye sees. Ready to store details clearly and can be easily edited through the Photos app or photo editing apps such as Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, Snapseed, and others.

At the end of the year like this Who has gone out for a walk and took photos with iPhone, don’t forget to share it on social media with the hashtag. #ShotoniPhone to show off beautiful pictures send happiness together

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