Tips for exercising in your living room

03/25/2020 13:46Updated: 03/25/2020 13:47

“Confinement it can’t be a reason to take a break from the gym; it has to be faced as a challenge to mark distances from what some memes predict as visible weight gain of the survivors of the Covid-19 ”, he explains Ruben Bravo, expert in dietetics and fitness at IMEO.

Those accustomed to sport are aware of the stimulus that physical effort supposes for our mental biochemistry, since it makes our brain release dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters linked to the feeling of happiness and the control of anxiety.


Chris Hadfield, a retired cosmonaut, gives a series of tricks to overcome confinement through his YouTube channel

Scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of group or monitored physical exercise, accompanied by motivating music. It would be convenient now that we have more time to make it a habit that we do every day at the same time. This we will help us relax, avoid muscle atrophy, anxiety and negative thinking.

With children or alone

If we have children, the ideal would be to take advantage of a physical activity with them. If you train single, it would be better to distribute physical activity twice a day for half an hour: one in the morning fasting for example and another in the afternoon following professional guidelines.

You must distribute physical activity twice a day for half an hour: once in the morning on an empty stomach and once in the afternoon following professional guidelines

From IMEO they recommend some channels suitable for the general public, such as the gymvirtual or the tutorials that some gym chains such as DIR have brought home with half-hour exercises designed to tone and strengthen glutes, back, upper and lower body.

F. Sánchez

Kenichi Sakuma is the sports guru of the ‘top models’ and celebrities. Thanks to his simple and effective tricks, he has become an international ‘fitness’ coach’

Even if we don’t have the facilities of a home gym, we have multiple options for training in a very small space the size of a cell. We can dance zumba and stretch with Pilates or Yoga sessions. If we like weights and don’t have dumbbells, can be improvised with bottles or jugs of water, grocery bags filled with 1kg packs, doing push-ups to the floor, working your triceps with a chair, or even skipping rope to complete the cardio session.

Among food supplements, “it would be recommended to avoid those that activate us too much such as, for example, maca or thermogenics, and focus on food supplements that produce calm and help us control the feeling of hunger and anxiety, “says Bravo. In this sense, they can be taken at snacks and dinner prepared with plants such as garcinia or gryphonia, rich in 5HTP and hydroxytryptophan, which influence serotonin and dopamine levels and will give us a feeling of calm and well-being.


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