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Fourteen kilometers of sandy beaches and a nightlife with a beat that blows far beyond the Mediterranean: Tel Aviv-Jaffa. A contrast from the young Jewish city, the ancient Arab harbor festivals and the thrilling hustle and bustle that takes place in between. Despite the recent resurgence of tensions between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel's second-largest city has not lost its appeal for many visitors even these days. Tel Aviv is hip – and unfortunately quite expensive.

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Tips for Tel Aviv:
In the colorful shadow of the White City

While the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in the north of the city, the discovery of the south is worthwhile for all travelers. Because here it is reasonably cheap to feast, sleep, shop and discover:

Stay, have breakfast and dangle: in the old town of Jaffa

Located in the middle of the old town of Jaffa the prettiest hostel Tel Aviv: that Old Jaffa. If the dormitory is still too expensive, you can pitch your rooftop terrace under the stars. Like a local You live in the apartments in the old house around the corner.

Who a rather Spartan night with one luxurious breakfast will definitely be happy in Market House opposite: Coffee Hafuch – cappuccino – and Shakshuka are in the price for that buffet included.

Although neatly hipster, but still charming, that is Flea market district behind the Ottoman clock tower: the Shuk HaPishpeshim. Bargains are best found early in the morning when traders are spreading their wares, or in the narrow corridors of the old market hall.

Olives, cheese, wine, pastes and very good bread For a picnic by the sea, there are reasonable prices at the Shifra deli.

With luck, will take place in the evening in the beer garden HaMalabiya next to the flea market concert instead of. In addition you eat for unbeatable 10 Shekel (2,50 Euro) the traditional Middle Eastern Dessert Malabi: a milk pudding served with rose water syrup and nuts.

Tiny, but under power: the district Gan HaHashmal

At Abraham Hostel, Tel Aviv visitors not only sleep well, but also quickly connect to the tiny neighborhood to explore Tel Aviv's first power station. Long misjudged as a grim street, the area was a few years ago as Scene-Quartier born again. Today, young designers have settled here, in Levontin 7 local musicians appear.

Those who like to spend the night in a cozy atmosphere, will be in the Garden Bar Gallery Club Lounge Kuli Alma feel good, founded by a musician and DJ cooperative. The shock of the Israeli beer price of just under eight euros is best digested in an arak, the local anise brandy. As “Chaser” he is donated by Israeli bartenders like to.

Idyll and adventure playground: the eastern end of Salame Street

Who is up to the eastern end of Salame Street dares, is rewarded with a contrast: right it goes into quarter Shapira, once home to Bucharan Jews from Uzbekistan or Tajikistan. The rural idyll with fluttering chickens and lemon trees Lately, gentrification refugees from Tel Aviv's center are also attracting attention. The result is Café Shapira
. the Atlas Bar and the romantically disintegrated Ottoman mansion called Red House cultural Center was transformed.

Meat eaters who feel discriminated against in the allegedly vegan city of the world must necessarily lunch to Hanan Margilan, and the Soup with the dumplings try or the Bakhsh: green rice with liver.

It is less tranquil on the other side of Salame Street in the seven-storey exposed concrete anvil, from which the intercity buses start. In the sixties as largest bus station in the world planted in the streets, prostitution and drug trafficking spread in its shadow, later on migrant workers from Asia and refugees from Africa settled. What scares many Israelis, however, is not just culinary recommendable:

On the fourth floor, actually the ground floor, the range of Druze pita patties with cloth-shaken cheese up to Filipino specialties. On the fifth floor hides a gem, the Yiddish library Yung Yiddish
whose illustrious curator invites to Klezmer and the like on a weekly basis. Stage and books then wobble in the rhythm of the bus timetable.

The Street Art Gallery On the seventh floor, it has made its way out of the underground into the light of day: the works on the walls read like a book Psychogram of the Tel Aviv soul, From the bus platform in front of the door one has one View over the citythat you do not find on postcards. If you want to learn more about the strange structure and its secrets, such as the bat reserve, the safest bunker in the city or the orphaned movie theater, you can book an alternative city tour.

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Rum rollers like the locals

Although the city is full of outdoor muckibuys, the Tel Avivis are pretty lazy. To overcome the 20 minutes between the South and the heart of the city, it is best to via app rent one of the e-scooters, which are now lying around in the most impossible places. A ride costs 5 NIS (1.25 Euro) plus half a shekel for every minute. Too fast? Then off to one of the more sedate green city bikes.

What can you do without:

  • To the national hangover court Shakshuka of Dr. med. Shakshuka a.k.a. Bino in the fast-response: It's better to leave him alone the best shawarma in the city give it to the hand.
  • The German Templar colony Sarona sprays less history than consumer-animating room scents. Instead, by the American-German colony in front of Jaffa take a walk, look at the misplaced gable roofs and look at the hotel, which was operated by the grandfather of Peter Ustinov and in which Emperor Wilhelm II descended.
  • Yourself after a large helping of hummus to do something else besides bed or beach.

There was something else!

Ah yes, that Beach, Actually, it does not matter where you settle down: The sand is streufein and to look there is something everywhere. Be it leather-skinned Matkot players, dancing kitesurfers or dogs running up. Too scary? It is quieter on Givat HaAlyah Beach at the old Muslim cemetery in Jaffa. After sunbathing, you can enjoy 20 starters at Old Man and the Sea. And forget that the main dish is still a fish waiting.


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