Health Tips to prevent eye bags and puffy eyelids

Tips to prevent eye bags and puffy eyelids

Whether lack of sleep, grief, or working on a Computer behind it: eye bags, and swollen or irritated eyelids nobody needs. Tips on how to the symptoms can relieve.

Puffy eyes often occur after a night out. Then the next Morning, quick help. The following tips can tired eyes look fresh.

1. Tea bags on the eyes

Improvement bag get with Black or green tea. Tannins as ingredients of Black tea have a calming, anti-bacterial and decongestant to the skin. At best the tea should be natural and free of additives and flavorings. Green tea is even better suited, because it is not fermented so strong and effective Anti-oxidizing agent.

Here’s how: Simply put the tea bag briefly in cold water, as the cooling has the effect of an additional effect. The bag then expressions, and for about ten minutes on the closed eyelids lay.

2. On contact lenses dispense

Who has irritated eyelids and wears contact lenses, should at least give up two hours of the day on the lenses, in order to relieve the eyes. Also, the Omission of the cosmetics helps. In addition, Affected can clean your eyelids every day with special wipes. This avoids glands stubborn encrustations on the sebum.

3. Drink a lot helps

Another rule in the fight against puffy eyes and eye bags: always a sufficient amount of liquid to drink. Ideally, you drink distributed non-carbonated water or unsweetened teas throughout the day. In order to keep the fluid balance and, thus, the tissue activity constant, auxiliary, regular, small quantities of richer than large masses of water at once.

4. Only look – not touch!

Whether due to Stress, smoke, tears, or Wind, irritated eyes, burning unpleasant. Nonetheless, do not RUB – that only makes the matter worse. Against irritated Conjunctiva eye drops in the pharmacy to help. You can be the best by a pharmacist to advise.

5. Sleep for beauty

The body needs sleep to regenerate – so, to get puffy eyes again in the handle. The eyes are swollen in the morning, however, it’s often due to a bad sleeping position. Then a flatter pillow might help already.

Furthermore, the duration of sleep plays a role. Ideally about seven to eight hours. In addition, a cool bedroom temperature of around 18 degrees is recommended.

6. The eyes a break

The more recovery options you treat the eyes, the more radiant you will be. Take advantage of small breaks or short telephone calls to Express eye care. Just close your eyes and briefly enjoy. It’s not just tired eyes, but also exhausted minds alive again.

7. With eye drops to prevent

Puffiness and eye bags in the Morning, you can prevent this by in the evening use moisturizing eye drops. This can be, for example, products with hyaluronic acid. Because the otherwise dry eyes accumulates gland, liquids that can cause the swelling.

When to see a doctor should go

If symptoms persist, the patient should visit an eye doctor, because the cause can also be a disease. Bags but can also occur with age, The tissue of the eye starts to SAG and all of a sudden too much skin is there. On the upper eyelid, it is called “drooping”, on the lower eyelid “tear bag”.

Both of which makes the face tired, tired or sad look. Also younger people sometimes are affected. When an Operation may be necessary, and how much a surgery costs, read more here.



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