News Tired of being sued by her child for inheritance,...

Tired of being sued by her child for inheritance, mother asks for her milk to be paid for


–> – Praya Tiningsih (52), a mother sued biological child, Rully Wijayanto, because heritage property. Citizens who come from West Nusa Tenggara this then asks his son to pay for breast milk.

The request came out after the mother was exhausted because Rully sued her for property legacy.

Report – network, Friday (14/8/2020), Praya Tiningsih even vowed to never forgive his son.

The mother who comes from the Kekere neighborhood, Semayan Village, Central Lombok it also refused an invitation to make peace from his son, Rully.

The mother’s refusal was quite grounded because in the peace agreement offered by her child there was an article that stated that the inherited land had to be divided, while according to her father’s will, the inherited land could not be divided.

Recognition the child sued the biological mother alone

Rully Wijayanto, Praya Tiningsih’s biological son, has another opinion.

According to him, the distribution of inheritance was carried out so that he would know what was his right.

By knowing his rights, Rully can be on guard in case someone claims his father’s inheritance.

For information, the inheritance that Rully sued against his biological mother, Praya Tiningsih, is a land area of ​​4.2 acres and a deposit for the legacy of his deceased father.

The son sued his own biological mother, starting from Rully’s disappointment, who was not allowed by Praya Tiningsih to make a living room and kitchen in the inherited house.


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