Titanfall 3 placeholder spotted on German GameStop shelves


Titanfall 3 was long thought to be a long way off, with some even wondering if there would even be a third game in the popular franchise. However, at least one retailer is showing that the wait for Titanfall 3 may not be that long. Or just local employees wishful thinking optimists.

Despite the popularity of Titanfall, Respawn has shown little interest in resurrecting the series despite Titanfall 2 being released almost six years ago. Instead of the third game in the franchise, the company has released Apex Legends, which ties into the world of the previous two games, although it currently lacks mech combat. Of course, the public demanded the release of the third game, but it seems that these demands were ignored.

Something amazing has popped up at GameStop stores across Germany in recent days. On Reddit, a user posted a photo of a placeholder copy for Titanfall 3. Soon other users joined in, saying that they were given the opportunity to pre-order the game at several GameStop stores around the country.

The pre-order option appears to be confirmed in the picture, given that the text right below the order field translates to “Pre-order now.” It should be noted that the other fields shown in the picture on Reddit are games that are either already confirmed or coming at some point, even if no release date has been announced, as is the case with FIFA 23.

This move is still strange given Respawn’s apparent relationship with the series. While Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are still incredibly popular among a certain segment of the video game community, Respawn seems to be moving in the opposite direction from the new release as it even took the extra step of removing the original Titanfall from online store shelves. For now, fans can only hope that this box art is a sign of something to come and not a mistake. But most likely it’s just a joke that got out of control.

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