Titanfall is removed from online stores and subscription services

Seven years after the launch of Titanfall, EA and Respawn Entertainment have decided to stop selling the game. This was confirmed by the developer himself this week.



In a statement on Twitter The Respawn team writes that Titanfall will disappear from all online stores from 1 December. From March 1 next year, it will also be removed from subscription services where the game has been included.

However, the developer points out that the Titanfall servers will keep going. Those who own the game and want to continue playing can do so even after the game disappears from the stores.

Why Titanfall is being pulled from store shelves, Respawn did not go into. In the last year, the game has admittedly been exposed to a number of computer attacks, which on several occasions have ruined the gaming experience. The developer has worked to find a solution to the problem, but this latest development may indicate that the team no longer wants to spend resources on the work.

However, the team assures that Titanfall remains an important part of Respawn’s DNA. The developer has reportedly no plans for a new game in the series, but the Twitter statement hints that the Titanfall universe will live on in Titanfall 2, Apex Legends and in the future – whatever that means.

We also greatly appreciated Titanfall when it came out in 2014. Reviewer Espen Jansen clung on nine out of ten points on the grading scale and praised the game for its “explosive exchanges of shots, exuberant parkour and harsh titans.”

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