Under twice, Brescia comeback against Perugia in the second overtime and earned the semifinal play off with Monza. On Wednesday the first leg to Rigamonti, on Sunday the return to Brianza with just over 600 fans in tow

Brescia. He sees hell in the face, gets burned without getting burned and when everything seems lost, he clings to a 22-year-old boy, who plays less the more he knows how to be decisive. The season of paradoxes continues for Brescia and in the end it is also a good way to go because it is only after having suffered so much that certain moments can be appreciated.

Pajac’s exultation after scoring the 1-1 from a penalty

You call them if you want emotions… Five goals, always on the swing, Perugia feeling robbed. Not bad as a playoff start. The road remains paved with obstacles and with bars that will rise more and more, but after passing through such a cayenne unscathed, what else can scare Corini’s? It’s still little, it’s not enough to feel like a Serie A, but it’s still better than nothing. That nothing that Brescia held in hand for 40 ‘in the first half and especially in the five minutes (plus interval) between the first and second overtime; has seen football death in the face, going under twice, the terror of the Great Flop is hovering over a Rigamonti dressed up, frozen and then decisive with its approximately 12,000 spectators to push the white V gang to go and rob the safe of qualification, which at one point seemed bewitched, impossible, chimerical.

The penalty converted by Pajac

He matches. Under after only 10 ‘(Kouan), Brescia caught the first draw in the maxi recovery of the first half (penalty by Pajac), found themselves back against the wall in the 12’ of the first extra time (Matos), but in the last 15 ‘of extra time proved to have a soul, if not ideas, taking everything: game, set and match with SuperBianchi; an assist for Ayè and the final goal 3-2, so the former Genoa player became the hero not by chance. Everything is fine with what follows, but as De Luigi-Lucarelli would have said at the time of Mai dire Gol: “Fear, eh?”. Well yes. Not a little. Brescia passing the turn is perhaps the least instagrammable image of creation, but extremely real. And that’s enough. The playoffs don’t always go on and only those who play well, win and convince, but those who know how to best combine the word resilience.

The hug at the end of the game

The future is now. On Wednesday it will already be game 1 with Monza at Rigamonti at 7 pm, on Sunday 22nd at 6 pm the second take in the Brianza area with the bad news for the Brescia public that not even this time, as already happened in the championship, the residents of the Bresciano will be able to buy more than about 600 tickets available for the guest sector. And this is a factor that weighs because the Rigamonti’s cheering today was at least as decisive as Bianchi, Ayè, Jagiello, Pajac, Cistana, Palacio. All that remains is to carry on with the work, doing the maximum possible on the pitch and in the stands already in the middle of the week and then not having to spend a (another) quiet weekend of fear.

Ayè deposits the 2-2 goal on the net
Bianchi kicks the ball of 3-2
Bianchi’s exultation


Dal 1’ (4-3-1-2)

Joronen; Sabelli, Cistana, Adorni, Pajac; Bertagnoli, Bisoli, Léris; Tramons; Palace, Moreo.

From the 14th st (4-3-1-2) Huard for Pajac and Jagiello for Tramoni

Joronen; Sabelli, Cistana, Adorni, HUARD; Bertagnoli, Bisoli, Léris; JAGIELLO; Palace, Moreo.

From 38 ‘st (4-3-1-2) Proia for Bertagnoli and Ayè for Palacio

Joronen; Sabelli, Cistana, Adorni, Huard; PROIA, Bisoli, Léris; Jagiello; AYE, Moreo.

From the first extra period (4-3-1-2) Van de Looi for Léris

Joronen; Sabelli, Cistana, Adorni, Huard; Bisoli, VAN DE LOOI, Proia; Jagiello; Ayè, Moreo.

From the 1st second extra time (4-3-3) Bianchi for Sabelli

Joronen; Bisoli, Cistana, Adorni, Huard; Jagiello, Van de Looi, Proia; BIANCHI, Moreo, Ayè.

The changes made by Corini are right
Alvini’s Perugia comes out of the playoffs with their heads held high

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