To make the most of the advantage and watch Al-Ahli on the ground .. President of the visit to visit the island's headquarters


Mamoun Hamlili, president of the Al-Saoura Algerian club, on Sunday night, was eager to visit the club's headquarters on the island, about 24 hours after the Red Man had defeated his team 3-0 in the # 39; last round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Mahmoud Al Khatib, chairman of the board, and Mohammed Morjan, executive director of the club, received Mamoun Hamlili, who received the shield and Al Ahli from the president of the red fort.

Prince Tawfiq, marketing director of the club, president of Al-Sawra Youth, was accompanied by a tour of the Al-Ahli stadium on the island.

During the visit, Mamoun Hamlili thanked Mahmoud Al Khatib for the warm hospitality and efforts made to overcome all obstacles to the youth team's mission since his arrival in Egypt and Al Ahly's insight to provide all the comforts of the Algerian team before the clash they had yesterday.

The club president said he was happy to be in Egypt and to visit the club's headquarters on the island, noting that he was eager to visit the club headquarters for maximum use at all levels of the club, the largest balance sheet of championships and titles on the African continent.

He explained that he tried to exploit his presence in Cairo before returning to Algeria to see Al-Ahli on the ground, learn how to manage the work wheel inside him and benefit from the experiences of Al-Ahly Al-Kabira, who allowed to win such a large number of tournaments at all levels, and try to apply them in the Algerian club.



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