To Qatar through the barracks. There are two paths leading to it. Which is more feasible for the Czechs?

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“Participation in the Qatar play is more or less certain, regardless of the location in the group. However, it is about prestige, reputation, and especially commitment to the subsequent playoffs. It is a difference to play matches for participation in the world championship at home or on the opponent’s ground, “recalls national team coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, why it is so important for his team to beat Wales and get to the second place in the table.

The draw is played in two rounds (semifinals and finals), so the Czechs would play with each opponent only once. A home environment would definitely be an advantage. If Schick et al. they will not succeed in the attack on the silver medal, they will not lose 99% of the draw. Reason?

The draw for additional participation in the world championship will cover ten countries from second places in the ongoing qualification, plus two teams that have dominated the League of Nations groups. The competition, launched by UEFA three years ago, last took place last autumn. The Czechs won one of the groups of the League of Nations B.

The form is good, everything is going according to plan, the gunner Schick is mad

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The winners of all divisions of the League of Nations emerged (see table). If the first two places in the group in the current qualification are not filled, the vacancies in the play-off will be filled by the two best-placed countries in the ranking.

The first in line would be a quartet of Champions of the League of Nations A, ie Belgium, Italy, France and Spain. Then there are successful teams from the League of Nations B in the queue, namely Wales, Austria, the Czechia and Hungary. The Czech national team has the overall seventh position. Therefore, if she did not secure participation in the playoffs from the classic qualification, she would have to hope that the six better-placed teams will advance to the World Championships directly or to the playoffs.

Top of the list of winners of the League of Nations divisions
1.-4. France (current position in the group: 1.)
1.-4. Belgium (1.)
1.-4. Italy (1st)
1.-4. Spain (1st)
5. Wales (3.)
6. Austria (4th)
7. CR (2nd)
Game diagram of the playoff
The barge is attended by 12 teams, divided into three groups of four. In them, they do not compete with each other by system, but form pairs. Only one match will be played, ie the semifinals and finals. The big advantage will therefore be the home environment, which will be deployed teams for the semifinals. Which will be the second in the classic qualification with the highest number of points. The organizer of the final will come out of the lot.
When is the playoff played?
Semifinals (March 24 and 25, 2022)
Final (March 28 and 29, 2022)
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Given the qualities of the winners of the elite League of Nations, it is almost certain that they will not end up worse than others in the qualifying groups. Belgium, Italy, France and Spain are firmly established as leaders. They would have to collapse extraordinarily for this scenario to fall. Of the teams ahead of the Czech Republic (Austria, Wales), Austria is worse off than second place. He is the fourth in his group so far, quite possibly he will use the triumph from the League of Nations B to participate in the additional playoffs.

Only Wales is above the Czech Republic, with whom it is fighting for a silver position in the qualifying group. If the Czechs do not manage the fight with the Islanders, it will be in their interest for the Welsh to finish second. The line across the budget would be if outsiders Estonia and Belarus jumped in front of both teams in the qualifying finish. However, such a constellation is practically unrealistic. The date of the play-off is set for March 2022. Twelve units will form three four-member divisions, and their winners will advance to the World Championships (game scheme – see table). They will be complemented by 10 countries that have won European Qualification Groups.

Bale is the icing on the cake, but Wales will have great quality even without it, warns Jaroslav Šilhavý


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