To the one who is a Knight, Air-e repeats: again he received a double millionaire bill

It sounds like a joke but it’s true. Hard to believe, but it’s true.

It is the repeated but aggravated history of the company that leaves the users of the energy service in Barranquilla, Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajira without air.

Last Wednesday, July 27, Zona Cero published with the title “You pay $1,000,000 in rent and Air-e issues you an invoice for $3,300,000”a note in which the renowned speaker Edgardo Caballero Gutierrez He recounted the drama that he lived with the service company for 6 months without his claims being addressed.

Edgardo recounted the gradual but exaggerated increase in metering and therefore in billing.

“I went from 251 kilowatts per month, to 256, in March we dropped to 183 because we left for the town, we came back and it went up to 231. In May it shoots up and it seems that it is the month in which the whole world is shot , at 489 kilowatts per month. In June it goes to 1,184 and in July it is at 1,223”the communicator said at the time.

Part of Caballero Gutiérrez’s complaint focused on two invoices he received in the first days of last July.

the 1st In July he received a receipt for $2,026,510 and on the 12th of the same month he received another for $3,380,230. To avoid the outage, the user canceled $534,770 of an old payment commitment.

After the publication of Zona Cero, the manager of the company Air-e, Ramiro Castilla, assured in Atlántico en Noticias a day later that “This company attends in a timely manner the claims of the users” a situation that has not really happened with the Caballero case.

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The manager indicated that if there was room for correction That’s how it would be done, but that’s not how it has been.

After the communicator made the partial payment, the alleged debt of more than 3 million pesos persisted, while the claim was being addressed.

The Air-e manager in the department promised at the time that a timely and pertinent review was going to be madebut such a surprise took just 15 days later because the incident is repeated to this gentleman.

Although Castilla recognized that there could have been a mistake, in less than a fortnight the company made another mistake “double.”

Now Edgardo Caballero was issued an invoice on August 3 with an outstanding balance of $2,845,465.47 and the last due invoice is marked as last July 18. The invoice also reviews a last payment on July 19 for a value of $534,770, which was the value of “pending financing.”

To add insult to injury, a second bill now arrived on Tuesday, August 9, for $4,205,960.

In addition, consumption continues to rise, going from an average of 38.21 kilowatts per day to 40.39. The consumption in the second invoice of August is 1,131 kilowatts per month, that is, it continues to increase.

“The fridge is already on”Edgardo Caballero concludes because he does not know what to do with the problem that the Air-e company does not solve.

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