To Wales again with Schick. Second place in the group has a great price, says the coach

Coach Jaroslav Šilhavý has nominated 22 players for the double match so far, you can find an overview of them in the insert tweetu. He is expected to invite another attacker.

In the last national team term, coach Šilhavý had to deal with an extreme number of absences, from this point of view he should have a better choice this time.

Jakub Brabec and David Zima lost the match in Belgium due to their foreign engagements, and other players were missing at the time due to health reasons. Due to the disciplinary punishment, Patrik Schick.

He was expelled in Wales, in the spring part of the qualification. Then he played the Euro tournament, in which he was very successful in shooting, the home match with Estonia and the trip to Brussels he had to regret a few weeks ago.

Now the Czech goal machine should be available again. “On the one hand, I would like Patrik to get angry after the events in Wales and give it back to my opponents in a sporting way, on the other hand I don’t want to pull a vendetta here for hurting us somewhere,” said Coach Šilhavý duel in Cardiff. where Schick was disqualified, unlike Gareth Bale, who struck during the match and injured Ondřej Kúdel in the face.

By the way, he is now among the substitutes for the national team nomination, healing another injury, this time an ankle. “We will see how things turn out if Ondra started in a cup match (at Feyenoord) or in a derby, we could also nominate him additionally,” says Šilhavý.

The first teams of qualifying groups will advance to the World Championships in Qatar directly. This is already beyond the reach of the Czech team after the defeat in Belgium. The second teams from the groups are waiting for the March draw, supplemented by teams from the League of Nations. The Czech team was successful in it. And the start in the playoffs is so close thanks to this location in the League of Nations.

“But we definitely want to be second in the qualification group as well. It would probably mean deployment in the playoff. And with the fact that we would play the playoffs at home, it is very important, we would like to offer Czech fans such experiences as they remember from the match against England, for example, “Šilhavý recalled the famous qualifying win in the fight for the Euro.

This time, Wales will present itself in Eden on Friday. And then the national team moves to Kazan, Russia, where they will face Belarus. After hijacking air traffic to Belarus is severely limited. And the organizers of the qualification decided that the matches of the Belarusian team will be played outside the territory of the state controlled by dictator Alexander Lukashenko and his authoritarian regime.

Tickets for the home match with Wales, which takes place on Friday 8 October in Prague’s Eden, are already on sale. Opponents will miss Gareth Bale, a Real Madrid player, for health reasons.


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