Today in History: Earthquake in China’s Shaanxi Kills 830,000 People All – This day was 466 years ago, or to be precise on January 23, 1556, earthquake a deadly earth of magnitude 8.0-8.3 shook the Shaanxi region, China.

Reported from History, gempa Shaanxi killed about 830,000 people.

The calculation of the number of victims may not be entirely accurate, given that this major disaster occurred before the 20th century.

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Earthquake deadliest

However, the Shaanxi earthquake disaster, China is still considered the deadliest of all time.

Gempa Shaanxi occurred at midnight and continued with aftershocks until the next morning.

Scientific investigations later revealed that the magnitude of the quake was around 8.0-8.3, far exceeding the magnitude of the largest previously recorded earthquake.

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Earthquake occurred in densely populated area

The earthquake occurred in the middle of a densely populated area, plus the community houses were built with poor quality, resulting in many deaths.

Reported from Britannica, many of the victims of the Shaanxi earthquake were people who were crushed by falling buildings.

After the disaster, many stone buildings that had been razed were replaced with buildings made of lighter and earthquake-resistant materials, such as bamboo and wood.

The number of fatalities that fell was also caused by landslides that occurred due to vibrations.

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The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Wei River Valley, Shaanxi Province, near the cities of Huaxian, Weinan, and Huayin.

In the three cities, the great Shaanxi earthquake even killed tens of thousands of residents, which was more than half of the city’s residents.

In addition to houses and buildings that collapsed, the earthquake also caused a number of cracks or cracks in the ground surface with a depth of approximately 60 feet or about 1.8 meters.

Damage and deaths from the quake were found up to 300 miles or 482 kilometers from the epicenter.

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Anticipation Earthquake

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