Today is the opening ceremony of the Golden Autumn Leaf Season in Sigulda

In the Sigulda castle quarter on Saturday, September 25, from At 11.00 the Golden Autumn Kingdom Festival will take place, where the season of glorious leaves will open. Autumn Capital invites with friends and family to participate in various activities, glorious hikes, shop at the Golden Design Fair, taste the “Autumn Street Food” snacks and enjoy excellent music accompanied by the groups “Chips and Dullais” and “Deep Purple”, but for the festive atmosphere throughout the day event manager Oskars Kozlovskis will take care of it.

The golden autumn leaf season festival will begin at 11.00 with the opportunity to buy various fashion accessories and clothes, vitamin-rich and delicious products from Latvian farmers, as well as design items from real craftsmen at the Gold Design Fair. There will also be wooden games and other seasonal goods, BIO herbal teas, treats and much more from almost 40 craftsmen.

During the holidays all day long The participants of the “Autumn Street Food” zone will delight with tempting and equally delicious dishes – restaurant “Charleston”, “Sushi Brothers”, “”, “2EAT Falafel & Hummus”, “CAFE JERSIKA 43”, “CheFrance”, “Bliss Gelato ” and others.

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will also be a board game tournament for adults and children, where you will have the opportunity to try your luck, dexterity and ingenuity in various games.

Saturday from 13.00 to 17.00 There will also be a live broadcast of Radio SWH, where under the direction of moderators Evija Gulbe and Edgars Barbaks, the experiences of residents and entrepreneurs will become an interesting experience in absentia, on radio waves, or on the contrary – in person at the central point of Sigulda Castle Garden.

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Those who enjoy active recreation are invited to celebrate the event in the planners at 13.30when the new Hiking Breathing hiking trail opens, or at 14.00 – Opening of the nature adventure therapy route “Walk in Infinity”.

From 14.00 to 16.00 The youngest visitors of the festival will be surprised by “Martin’s bubbles”. At 16.00 Sigulda castle quarter ingenuity to test photo hunting, but at 17.00 there will be a lottery for the most charming knight photo contest.

At the end of the day at 19.00, in anticipation of the autumn sunset, we will enjoy the concerts of “Chipsis and Dullais” and “Deep Violet” accompanied by well-known and beloved songs.

Ticket price for both concerts – 10 euros. Admission to the concert is only for visitors who have completed the Covid-19 vaccination course or become ill with Covid-19. Other holiday activities – free of charge.

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