Today is World Gamer’s Day and we present you some options based on Blockchain technology

Since 2008, World Gamers Day is celebrated every August 29, a culture of the new generation that has been taken to its maximum expression with this digital revolution in which machine and human are well fused.

From this perspective, Blockchain through the Dapps are the development base of great places to play, win cryptocurrencies and have fun at the same time. In such a way that this boom is an opportunity that cannot be overlooked in any of its presentations.

Therefore, the metaversos are the ones that have had the most boom, games like The Sandbox, Enjin, Axie Infinity, Decentraland are the most popular, in fact, the markets Of these metaverses have generated a furor in entire communities, to the point that every day users connected to these spaces increase.

Gamers have been able to take advantage of these benefits of the Blockchain for some time, which is why play to earn (playing to earn money) has become a way of life. In fact, the data provided by the consultant Newzoo indicate that there are more than 23 million players in the cloud, and that number is expected to multiply by 4 by 2023.

With the evident momentum that Blockchain technology has had as a result of the pandemic unleashed by the Covid-19, games based on NFT are increasingly popular, so there is a diversity of games available throughout the red that is surely adapted to the needs of each Gamer.

On this occasion, we bring into consideration some of those that we believe are most important in the crypto world, for which it is not only enough to see the number of users that each game or metaverse can attract, but also the market capitalization and ultimately the adoption of each. play.

The concept conceived by the developers of the games that are based on the structure of play to win has caused a positive impact within the community, by allowing players and enthusiasts to have control over the assets of the game allows the start of the game. wheel of the economy of the system, for which the contribution that the players make to the developers and the complete cycle in which the developers receive feedback from the players is important.

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To do this we start the count with metaverso Axie Infinity, with his token AXS which has been based on the Play To Earn structure. A game based on the anime Pokemon, it has become a way of life in many Gamers of the cryptoverse. The game is based on the Ronin network, which is a network separate from the main network Ethereum, which implies more transaction processing at a lower cost.

Being a metaverse that today is one of the main ones taken into account by players and enthusiasts of the crypto world, the option of being able to generate income of up to about $ 400 per month is an attractive way to play and be in a new economy that seems have no roof.

CrytoBlades is another of the games that today is part of the most popular within the crypto community, in fact, at the time of writing this article, it ranks third in Dapp Radar in terms of the number of active users.

It is a game developed on the net Binance Smart Chain, under the strategy also of playing to win, basing its development on swords, which makes the fundamental axis of the game, the better the sword, the greater the power of the avatar and therefore the more options to win, the greater rewards.

Using the name of SKILL, the native token of this game goes hand in hand with the essence of it, since SKILL or ability is what is required of each sword in order to determine its cost and value in the game. Like Axie, a first investment must be made to get started in the game. Unlike Axie, the current cost does not exceed $ 100 to get started in this game.

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In the same BSC network, there is MOBOX NFT Farmer, which changes the strategy a bit. This game allows users to interact with three types of games, where they do not need an initial investment to play, which makes them a free game to play and win, which is currently a difficult opportunity to ignore in the crypto world. The token that the game uses is called MBOX and is currently traded at Binance to $ 10.09, according to data provided on the exchange’s portal.

In fact, as of this writing, is located in the eighth place as games available on the Blockchain network, occupies the third place by volume of transactions and the fifth place within the ecosystem BSC, which evidently allows us to infer that both the price and the popularity will continue to increase, since the diversity of options to accumulate money while playing is emerging as a curious and striking fact for the players.

Within the Hive protocol, we have Splinterland, a game similar to Yu-Gi-Oh !, since it is based on the possession of cards that will be used in duels to obtain new cards or abilities. The enthusiasts of this game appreciate that it belongs to the Hive network, as it allows cheaper and faster transactions than that of Ethereum.

The native token of this game is SPS, and it is a game that is also characterized by a cross-chain link, between the BSC network and the HIVE network, and is basically conceived under the modality of Play To Earn in the same way as those mentioned above.

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Now we move on to other types of games, in which the crossroads of technologies have been present and have allowed both technological advances to continue to bear fruit, for this we talk about The SandBox.

Virtual reality and the Blockchain combine a perfect space to converge in an amalgam of technology that allows the user to navigate with a free avatar, through an unexplored world while creating content, monetizing it and also generating profits.

These characteristics make it a game that goes beyond the barrier of playing to win. The SandBox allows you to create content, complete missions to obtain rewards and then be able to spend them within the same metaverse, which is obviously a more complex economy. It uses a native token called SAND, which is used for everything related to payment of transactions within the metaverse, and is currently priced at a value of $ 0.91 cents, according to data from Dapp Radar.

To finish this small sketch in the Gamer world, it is pertinent to point out that since the pandemic, the gamer sector in Latin America represents 14% of players globally, which is only surpassed by Asia, According to data provided by the consulting firm Newzoo, this indicates that the rise of NFTs in times of the pandemic has turned out to be a catalyst to attract even more fans to the crypto market as well as to games in short.

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