Today, the opening of the exhibition "the symphony of good color" by Lucam Fahmy


The opening ceremony of Lucam Fahmy's "Good Color Symphony" exhibition

The dott. Hala Al-Saeed, minister of planning, follow-up and administrative reform, will open the exhibition of "Symphony of Good Color" by Wissam Fahmy, Saturday evening at Salah Taher Hall at the Egyptian Opera House, where a collection of paintings from the beginning until 2018.

The exhibition, which will be attended by a group of public figures and ambassadors of Arab and foreign countries and the business, art and culture community in Egypt, will last until Thursday, November 15, 2018.

The artist, Wissam Fahmy, has dedicated the exhibition, which will be the first to document the history of art from the 60s, to Dr. Magdy Yaqoub Institute for Cardiology and Cardiology of Aswan and Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim International Center for Kidney Diseases and Research of Mansoura, in a contribution to the symphony of goodness in its colors and paintings.

"The establishment of this important exhibition, under the patronage of Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Follow-up, is the greatest demonstration of the combined efforts of soft power, the state, the private sector and charitable institutions for achieve sustainable development in Egypt, "said artist Randa Fuad, daughter of the artist Wissam Fahmy. From the "Zamalek Art Gallery", and "Jupiter Com" public relations to volunteer participation in the organization.

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