Today’s events… Roads are cut off within these areas

Since Thursday morning, the Tayouneh-Badaro region has been witnessing a state of tension.

In this context, the “National News Agency” reported that “the cola road was cut off under the bridge in both directions, and demonstrators closed the road at the Jalala-Chtoura bridge in both directions in protest against the events in Beirut.”

The Traffic Control Room also announced on its Twitter account, “Cutting traffic on the Taalbaya highway.”

Later, the traffic control room reported that traffic on the Taalbaya highway had been reopened.

A “fifth column” entered the line of the demonstration called by supporters of the Amal Movement, Hezbollah and the Marada Movement in front of the Palace of Justice. Suspicious elements spread on the roofs of buildings in the area targeted the demonstrators heading from Tayouneh to the Palace of Justice with live bullets, which resulted in injuries and led to their retreat. Towards the roundabout, panic spread among the demonstrators and the residents of the area. Which brought to mind the memories of the “painful” civil war on the lines of contact.

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