Today’s Gold Price, Saturday (9/10/2021), Here’s The Complete List Of Gold Prices Per Gram

Today’s Gold Price, Saturday (9/10/2021), Here’s a List of Gold Prices Per Gram

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Information gold price latest today.

today’s gold price has not increased or decreased alias is still stagnant.

Full detailed information is also presented gold price per gram.

The price of Antam’s certified gold bullion issued by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) was stagnant on Saturday (9/10/2021)

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Citing the Precious Metals website, the price of Antam’s one gram gold denomination is at Rp 914,000.

Antam’s gold price is the same as the price on Friday (7/10/2021).

Meanwhile, Antam’s gold buyback price is at Rp 803,000 per gram.

The price is also stagnant compared to the buyback price on Friday.

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Following gold price Antam’s bars in other denominations as of Saturday (9/10/2021) and excluding tax:

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