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Know here the Horoscope today, Friday 5 November, predictions of the seer Carmen Briceño according to you Zodiac sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and the tarot cards.

Horoscope today Aries November 5, 2021

Aries, making an improvement in your close environment can make you feel better at this time. New responsibilities to assume. You walk away from something or someone. It is a day in which to attract new loves or romances, enjoy because it will be you who sets the limits. You succeed in what you do, in what is worked in detail.

Horoscope today Taurus November 5, 2021

Taurus, you are a person who does not give up, life sometimes gets difficult, but you will get over it. Avoid a scandal on your doorstep or on the street out of jealousy or misunderstandings. Remember that you are a tenacious achiever. You will take very good initiatives. You will be more sure of yourself, but you need to repower yourself.

Horoscope today Gemini November 5, 2021

GeminiToday it’s time to ask yourself how you can improve your life, start doing productive things and think positively. Work independence may be the best option to achieve the success you are looking for. You want to see a person you love. Propensity to protect love, especially in your relationship. Everything will get better.

Horoscope today Cancer November 5, 2021

CancerIn love and relationship issues, you want to be with someone who shares the same interests as you, it will not be easy to achieve it, but keep trying. Family and love play a very important role in your life. Virtual crushes with people who are far away. You will be able to see someone you haven’t seen for a long time.

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Horoscope today Leo November 5, 2021

Leo, good time to study and learn. Your family comes first and your place with them will become important, so plan a weekend together. Now you can achieve the peace, harmony and happiness that you have sought in your relationship with your partner. You must keep the promises you make. Fill yourself with love.

Horoscope today Virgo November 5, 2021

VirgoThis can be a day of jealousy and possessiveness in your romantic relationships, control yourself and show more confidence. Remember that each person receives fruit from the good or bad he sowed. You solve a recurring problem in your life. Order yourself to progress. Avoid arguments with your best friend.

Horoscope today Libra November 5, 2021

LibraThere are people in your work who observe you and are aware of everything you do, protect yourself with a red tape to avoid the evil eye. A very big test awaits you that you will not be able to avoid, have faith. There are people who envy you, avoid them they are not worth it. Love will motivate you to fight for what you want.

Horoscope today Scorpio November 5, 2021

Scorpio, what you have conquered may not be all that they seem to be, be more careful Be confident in what you do and how you do it. Removals in doors, you will have to look for a new home. Sale of furniture at home. You need a change and you will fight until you get it, you are strong and constant. You value loyalty, be grateful.

Horoscope today Sagittarius November 5, 2021

SagittariusIf you need to, take a break and take the day away from conflict to clear your mind. Defend your rights. You make contact with a person that interests you. You must be careful not to create in others the feeling that you want to control them. You solve a matter with a brother. Family problem that clears up.

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Horoscope today Capricorn November 5, 2021

CapricornSometimes you feel that your happiness is not complete, do not worry, just overcome stress, let your energy out and enjoy. It’s time to take a little risk and work toward bigger rewards. Don’t be afraid to do new things, see it as an adventure. Approach with someone special.

Horoscope today Aquarius November 5, 2021

Aquarium, it is time to follow the right path and move forward with your most desired goals. In coexistence there are situations that you must let go of and learn that you have to be able to lower your head both to be crowned and to be forgiven. Use flexibility. Your keyword them to Opportunity. New starts.

Horoscope today Pisces November 5, 2021

Pisces, you will have the tendency to be too controlling or insecure with your partner. Calm down and go slowly. Clear things up and let it all flow. A child demands financial help and more attention from you. Spiritual experience that will give you inner peace. You will face a legal process, get good advice. Stress back pain.

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What are the Rituals of love according to astrology

Rituals to attract good luck, health, abundance and affection are part of welcoming the new year. Candles, pyramids -which represent a sacred geometric way- and stones such as quartz and pyrite belong to those recipes that have the possibility of promoting the entry of special wishes into someone’s life in 2021.

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Dates of the 12 zodiac signs

Dates Signs of the zodiac
January 21 to February 19 Aquarium
February 20 – March 20 Pisces
March 31 – April 20 Aries
April 21 – May 21 Taurus
May 22 – June 21 Gemini
June 22 – July 22 Cancer
July 23 – August 23 Leo
August 24 – September 23 Virgo
September 24 – October 23 Libra
October 24 – November 22 Scorpio
November 23 – December 21 Sagittarius
December 22 – January 30 Capricorn



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