Toddler in Sikka NTT Dies of DHF, Had to Suffer from Heat

MAUMERE, – Benedikta Naldiana, 4 year old toddler in Maumere, District Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), died of an attack dengue fever dengue (DBD).

He died under treatment at Tc Hillers Hospital Maumere on Wednesday (12/1/2022) night.

The death of the toddler was the first case of death due to dengue fever that was handled by RSUD Tc Hillers Maumere earlier this year.

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Laurensius Dao, the father of the toddler, said that his daughter died on Wednesday (12/1/2022) night while receiving treatment at Tc Hillers Hospital Maumere.

According to him, his son was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday morning due to suffering from high fever since Sunday (9/1/2022).

“When examined, Nadia was positive for dengue fever. However, on Wednesday night, Nadia was also summoned by the Almighty,” said Laurensius to the media crew, Thursday (1/13/2022) afternoon.

Director of Tc Hillers Hospital Maumere, Mercy Parera confirmed that the 4-year-old toddler died of dengue fever.

“He came in with DHF grade 2 and was in hypovolemic shock until he breathed last night,” Mercy said Thursday.

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He said that in January 2022, dengue cases were increasing. There have been 35 DHF patients being treated at the hospital.

“Today, there are 10 patients who are being treated,” he added.

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