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Screenshot of the Todus State application. Photo courtesy of the author

HAVANA, CUBA. – The Todus application, developed by the University of Computer Science (UCI), in coordination with the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA) reaches the quarter of a million users and continues to count. It is a communication platform very similar to WhatsApp, which has had an excellent acceptance to be new and free for the Cubans. It is one of the services that works through mobile data, followed by Internet, mail and portals to manage Nauta accounts.

In one of the programs of the last week's panel discussion, where computer security was discussed in Cuba, one of the ETECSA specialists said that "during the review of the traces of connectivity" there was a lot of useless traffic to because of viruses and Trojans that Cubans have unconsciously installed in their electronic devices.

However, the manager did not notice at that time in terms of privacy or security of personal data, simply "check Internet traces" to their liking and know what each person does when connecting, the same must happen with the & # 39; SMS, E-mail Nauta, phone calls and Todus; even if this last service is the one that has awakened the greatest interest among Cubans for the right to protect their personal data.

"I take care when I talk about a platform that the Cuban authorities check in. Todus keeps all the conversations on server controlled by the government Who insures me that he does not control them when he wants?" Said in an interview Karen Romero, user of the application presented in Cuba.

Photo courtesy of the author

"The same happens with SMS, calls and Nauta mail, you can not talk anything out there," he added.

In the text describing the terms and conditions of use of the application, it is clarified that "your account may be disabled" in the case of "offensive or anti-moral comments, as well as those that denigrate or offend governments or government policies. ".

Regarding security, he underlines that "user data will not be shared with third parties up to the limits permitted by law.The information exchanged between users is stored in their devices, this being one of the main sources of exposure", and therefore they suggest that "the law", in this case the state authorities, can intervene whenever they want, and ask for data or monitor who they consider convenient.

In another section explains that "no warranty of any kind is provided in terms of operation" to be a free service, meanwhile, there are many Cubans who are using Todus as the only communication option because it is free.

"I like Todus to communicate: SMS, calls and even Nauta's mail spend a lot of money, the Internet is expensive even with mobile data or in Wifi areas."

With the arrival of the Internet in mobile phones, this national service will probably stop working, because there are applications with better features like WhatsApp, telegram, among others. These have more security and benefits than Todus, who still does not know if it will remain free

In a statement by the UCI, published in the official media on December 6, the team that developed the application warned that "in correspondence with the implementation of mobile data services (Internet) available for our employees from December 6th: our instant and collaborative messaging system will be out of service from the 6th day, with the aim of guaranteeing a quality service, accessible to all and adapted to the new conditions.

Once the necessary adjustments have been made to the platform and in coordination with ETECSA, they will be promptly informed about the restoration of the massive pilot tests of our service even in the beta phase.

We apologize to all our users for the inconvenience this may cause. "


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