News Together for Change accuses the kirchnerismo of "poisoned the...

Together for Change accuses the kirchnerismo of “poisoned the political climate” to “get the impunity of former officials prosecuted,”

Mauricio Macri met the support of a good part of the leadership partisan, parliamentary, former officials and leaders of Together for Change before the advance of the investigation for the alleged illegal spying during his administration, politicians, entrepreneurs, trade unionists, religious and journalists, and then the search warrant to his personal secretary Darío Nieto. In a statement, members of the PRO, the UCR and the Civic Coalition, accused a sector of the Front of All of “involve judicially” members of the management of Macri for “get impunity” and questioned what they considered “atrocities institutional” of the administration of Alberto Fernández.

“United in defence of the truth and transparency,” titled the document, with which they closed ranks in defense of Macri and crystallized once more the the scene of the confrontation that had given something during the first stage of the coronavirus in the country. “We are concerned that, while society is distressed by the pandemic, a sector of the ruling party seems to focused on thinning the political climate, with the apparent aim of get the impunity of former officials prosecuted or sentenced for corruption”, said in the beginning of the text Macri, Alfredo Cornejo, Elisa Carrió, Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Maximiliano Ferraro and Miguel Pichetto, in that order, and as firms prominent at the foot.

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Then included the names of former officials close the founder of the PRO as Marcos Peña, Fernando de Andreis, William Dietrich and Andrés Ibarra, and other former ministers as Germán Garavano, Oscar Aguad, Jorge Faurie, Alejandro Finocchiaro and Luis Etchevehere, and the current heads of parliamentary Mario Negri, Luis Naidenoff, Humberto Schiavoni, and Alvaro González, among others.

“This occurs, in addition, in the middle of a series of outrages institutionalranging from the scandalous last session of the Senate and the superpowers, budget up to an attempt of expropriation unconstitutional and discrimination to the provinces governed by our political force, among others, alluded to the controversy in Congress, NUD Alberto Fernández for James Cafiero could reassign no limit games, the attempt of nationalization of the region’s cereal Vicentin, and the claims of the districts led by the opposition.

The leaders Rodolfo Suarez (Mendoza), Gerardo Morales (Jujuy), and Gustavo Valdés (Current) no part of the document. “The idea was to sign former officials, legislators and authorities in favor, followed by others. And we we are focused on the management” justified one of them taken away.

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Bullrich and Andreis, two of the closest to Macri, drove the document, and coordinated the search of adhesions during the week-end. Cornejo gathered support in the UCR and Ferraro got the endorsement of Carrió. The text began with the PRO, leaders of the Civic Coalition, made added, and the radicals what modified to lower the tone in some sections. With the endorsement of Macri, spread that version not to prolong the discussion and that is diluyera the initiative.

“From the beginning of the year the kirchnerismo sought in all possible ways involve in court to former officials of Change in causes of corruption”, argued, and also: “Together for Change is united in defense of democratic institutions and in putting a stop to the attempts of some to tell the society that all politicians are equally corrupt. It is not so”.

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The federal judge Federico Villena raided on Thursday the house of Darius, Grandson, private secretary and man of confidence of Macri, in the framework of the investigation by the alleged spy network during his management. According to the record, Silvia Martinengo -ex-director of Documentation – received in the Casa Rosada to AFI agents who did follow-up to politicians, social leaders, religious leaders, businessmen and journalists, and according to their hypothesis Grandson -in-chief of Martinengo in the papers – could have acted as a nexus as close to the information the former president.

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“The members of Together for the Change we want to say that we are calm, because we believe in the moral integrity of Darius, and we are confident that the Justice will prove that he is innocent”, said in the statement. “Our government was transparent and honest”, said then. In the text was suggested the the distinction between kirchnerismo and the rest of the Front of All, and the intention of the macrismo not be “matched” in terms of corruption. “We’re not going to accept that we get in the same mud,” insisted one of the promoters of the backrest.

Maria Eugenia Vidal they had not warned and joined later. Among the absences was highlighted by former ministers such as Rogelio Frigerio, Carolina Stanley, and Hernan Lacunza, Emilio Monzó -former holder of Deputies, and Jorge Macri was the only firm among the mayors. Cristian Ritondo chose not to do so by integrating the two-house control of intelligence agencies.


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