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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time July 26, 2021]Under the shadow of the Chinese Communist pneumonia (Covid-19) epidemic, JapanTokyo OlympicsIt was finally held after a year of delay. However, since the start of the game, the CCP’s ambassadors abroad have been keeping a close eye on the content of China involved in foreign media reports.protestFrequently. Following the display of the incomplete map of China by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), the CCP’s ambassador to the United States exploded with anger,ReutersThe publication of a photo of a Chinese female weightlifter caused the Chinese Communist Party’s ambassador to Sri Lanka to jump in protest.

ReutersOn July 24, when reporting the Chinese women’s weightlifter Hou Zhihui’s victory in the 49 kg competition, a photo of her snatching a barbell was included. As a result, this photo touched the sensitive nerves of the Chinese Communist diplomats full of political taboos.

On the 24th, the official Twitter of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka reposted the photo of this report from Reuters and posted a post at the same time.protest. The post cursed that Reuters selected photos of Chinese athletes with ugly expressions among many competition photos, “only to show how ugly they are”, and criticized Reuters for “not to put politics and ideology above sports, and also called themselves Fair media”, and then added another sentence-“Shameless” (Shameless).

Subsequently, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “Global Times” also followed up, claiming in related reports that “it is not the first time that Western media has been careful about photos.”

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On the same day, when CNN reported that Chinese female shooter Yang Qian won the gold medal, it was titled “China’s Gold Medal…and More Covid-19 Cases”. In this report, in addition to listing Yang Qian’s competition results, it also mentioned that on the 24th, there have been multiple incidents in which Olympic-related personnel were diagnosed with Covid-19. The result also made the Chinese Communist Party official media very angry and cursed ” His heart can be condemned”.

The “Global Times” published a review article that day, questioning CNN “is it accidental? Or deliberately?”, and cursed “it is disgusting again” and “the reporting method is too low-level.” After that, CNN was actually subdued and changed the headline of the report.

In addition, the Consulate General of the Chinese Communist Party in New York issued a statement on its official website on the 24th, condemning NBC for showing an incomplete map of China in a report on the Tokyo Olympics, calling this practice a “political trick.” “The impact is very bad,” and NBC is required to “recognize the serious nature of this problem and take measures to correct the error”.

The protest statement did not specify where the controversial map was “incomplete.” It turned out that the map outlined the “rooster” appearance of the map of mainland China with open lines, and then placed a red sphere with five stars on the location of Taiwan and the South China Sea below.

Due to the impact of the CCP’s pneumonia epidemic, the event was originally scheduled to be held in 2020Tokyo OlympicsIt was forced to postpone it for a year, and there were no spectators at the competition, creating a precedent that has never been seen in the history of the Olympics. Since the start of the Tokyo Olympics, athletes have been continuously detected as infected with the CCP virus, which greatly shocked the mood of everyone participating in this event. Therefore, some Chinese netizens said that perhaps media reporters from various countries are still upset about the CCP’s concealing the domestic CCP pneumonia epidemic and allowing the virus to spread globally. Therefore, when reporting on China, they have repeatedly touched the CCP’s politics, intentionally or unintentionally. Sensitive nerves.

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