Tokyo Olympics Direct Attack | Hong Kong Flying Fish Relay first strike lineup released He Shibei truce to stay in the 200m freestyle (18:11)-20210723-Sports-News

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The Hong Kong Swimming Team qualified for the 4×100-meter freestyle relay as early as the 2019 World Championship. At that time, He Shibei, Zheng Limei, He Nanhui and Tan Kailin all played, but because He Shibei stayed to play in the women’s 200-meter freestyle next Monday, paving the way for this medal. Tomorrow night’s Dong Olympic 4x100m freestyle preliminary contest, the main event is backstroke Ou Kaichun, who is in danger. However, the head coach Chen Jianhong is full of confidence in the four-man new combination. He said: “Although Ou Kaichun’s main event is backstroke, don’t forget that she has participated in this relay for three consecutive Asian Games and won medals for the Hong Kong team. This lineup is very strong and the goal is to break the Hong Kong record.”

The Hong Kong team broke the Hong Kong record in the 2014 Asian Games. At that time, Zheng Limei, Ou Kaichun, He Shibei and Shi Xingyu, who became coaches this year, worked together to achieve a time of 3 minutes and 39.94 seconds. The new combination will play tomorrow night at 7:43 Hong Kong time. In the preliminary round, they will meet the American, French, and British teams.

Witness the heroic appearance of the Hong Kong generals and pay attention to the Chinese and foreign stars. Ming Pao reporters Yang Baixian and Zheng Jiahui will take you directly to the Tokyo Olympics.

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