Tokyo Olympics hits straight | Hong Kong boatman Hung Wing-chen only lost and fell into the wild card races, admits the first Olympics, sighs, and prepares for the opening ceremony.

Hong Kong General Hung Wing Zhen took the lead this morning at the Sea Forest Aquatic Arena and appeared on the fourth line of the preliminary round of the third group. This group was led by the Russian and Chinese boatmen in the early stages. The port will compete with Puerto Rico in the first 1500 meters, but the stamina continued to lose third place, and finally missed the semi-finals with 8 minutes and 17.79 seconds. She will compete again in the Wild Cards tomorrow morning, hoping to reach the goal of reaching the semi-finals.

After joining the Hong Kong team for only 5 years, she won the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games. However, she expressed disappointment after completing the first blow. She said that she had hoped to go straight to the semi-finals and was able to take the break to attend the opening ceremony tonight. Now she will concentrate on preparing for the game: “First The 1,000-meter race can master the rhythm, but when the other boat is side-by-side, he becomes nervous and unable to play tactics. After that, he loses the rhythm. I hope that the performance in the first 1,000 meters can be maintained in the wildfire race and the level can be restored in the second half.”

Witness the heroic appearance of the Hong Kong generals and pay attention to the Chinese and foreign stars. Ming Pao reporters Yang Baixian and Zheng Jiahui will take you directly to the Tokyo Olympics.

Ming Pao direct coverage

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