Tokyo Olympics: Hubbard, the transgender weightlifter at the center of the conversation-BBC News

  • Joshua Surtees
  • BBC Sports Reporter

Image source,Reuters

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Hubbard, 43, became the third-oldest weightlifter in Olympic history.

“I’m not here to change the world,” she said in 2017 when Laurel Hubbard (Laurel Hubbard) competed for the first time as a female weightlifter.

“I just want to be myself and do my own thing,” she told a reporter when she returned to her home country of New Zealand after winning two silver medals at the World Championships.

Two years later, she won the 87kg and above competition at the Samoa Pacific Games, leading some people to accuse her of being unfair in allowing her to participate, because Laurel Hubbard had lived as a male for 30 years. In 2012, the 33-year-old Hubbard came out as a transgender woman and restarted her sports career afterwards.

After winning the Anaheim World Weightlifting Championships in 2017, Hubbard rarely accepted media interviews. She chose to keep herself away from the series of turmoil surrounding her and the often polarized overall debate on the rights of transgender groups.

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