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Figure skater Tomáš Verner (35) is one of the participants in the new StarDance series. In an interview for, he talked about trainings that are not nearly as easy for him as he thought. He also talked about his beautiful wife, the former Thai figure skater Tammy Sutanová (34), with whom they became the parents of his son Tomáš a year ago. You can read more about what surprised him about his fatherhood and why he doesn’t want his son to become a figure skater.

How do you handle demanding StarDance trainings? Are they easy for you as a former professional figure skater? Or did you come across it?

Yes, I came across. It sounds like an excuse, but I naively as a figure skater assumed that the dance would be easy for me, that my dance partner Kristýna would show me a few steps and we would go on in peace. But then I found out that the dance has a clear structure and rhythm that must be followed. And with the first dances we have, which is samba and quickstep, the rhythm is literally hellish.

It seems to me like a combination of athletics and dance cultural performance, which I was not prepared for. And I’m not doing as well as I thought.

What exactly is Kristýna for you commands?

For the work of the top, but also the work of the bottom. It can actually translate that for the work of everything. For example, in Latin, the top and bottom should be separate and I can’t separate it. Although I thought I could control my body, it doesn’t work that easily. But otherwise Kristýnka is nice to me.

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Do you get support in the competition from your wife Tammy? Do you train dance steps at home with her?

We don’t dance at home, my wife is also very active as a new mother. He helps me in the skating academy and has other activities. At StarDance, she supports me by allowing me to participate. It’s not like I’m under a slipper, but it’s a decision that has to be made in pairs, and she supported that decision from the beginning. The support is the biggest that can be, and I probably can’t stand more (laughs).

Everything about fatherhood surprised me

Less than a year ago, you became the father of your son Tomáš. Did anything surprise you in this role?

Everything surprised me. The only thing I was counting on is that I can’t be ready. That’s what everyone told me, in the whole wide area, that you would never be ready for the role of a father. So I thought I was, but in the end I really wasn’t. But we manage it, I have an amazing wife by my side and my little son is a golden child. The woman taught him to sleep, he can play. He is also very active when he opens his eyes, then he does not stop, but that is actually everything a parent can wish for from his child.

Do you help your wife with everything? Are you one of the men who are not even afraid of changing diapers?

Yes, I help with everything and I’m not afraid to change my clothes either. I have a sister twelve years younger, so I tried these parenting tasks when I was a little boy. So even bathing, feeding, storing in the crib, reading fairy tales. Nothing is foreign to me and I like to do it.

Would you lead your son to figure skating in the future?

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The answer is simple – no, I don’t want my son to be a figure skater. To be able to skate and do sports, yes, but certainly not figure skating, because it wouldn’t do any good at home. Neither my wife nor I would like to change the roles of parents to the roles of coaches. On the other hand, I may be adamant that I understand the sport, and I wouldn’t want it to be coached by someone else, I wouldn’t have confidence in it.

It would only create problems, both in the family and in sports. So it’s a resolute no for me. In any case, if he cared about it, then of course he would not be allowed to mount it, but in general I have a negative attitude to it.


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